#Crowdfunding News Roundup: November 20, 2013

Backer-Kit-logoBackerKit Blog | 2014 is the Year of the Crowdfunding Hero, and she’s got new tools in her belt.

BackerKit is a service for crowdfunding project creators that “helps you manage your post-crowdfunding mayhem so that you can deliver on time.” They’ve seen a few campaigns, and in this blog post they aim to dispel some of the myths about crowdfunding, especially in regards to what happens after the crowd graciously funds your project.

GigaOm | Excitement and Kickstarter growing pains: gMax begins shipping its huge 3D printer

The gMax 3D printer is one of a host of similar devices to find the crowd’s approval on Kickstarter. In this piece penned by Signe Brewster, project creator Gordon LaPlante shares some words of wisdom based on his experience of launching his campaign.

lending_club_logo_newInfoWorld | Think we’re in a tech bubble? It’s nothing like 1999

Does LendingClub’s $2.3 billion valuation ahead of its IPO (which represents a multiple of 27 on current-year revenues) spell a Silicon Valley bubble waiting to burst? This article in InfoWorld aims to explore the answer to that question.

The CrowdCube Blog | What an Investor looks for in a potential investment

CrowdCube spoke to two of the platform’s investors to get a sense of what they look for in a crowdfunded deal. It’s a great first-hand account of what investors are looking for and would be a good read for any company interested in soliciting investment from the crowd in the future.

Dragon InnovationFast Company | How One Man’s Career Pivot Is Helping Others To Succeed

In this article by Stacy Jones of Fast Company, Scott Miller shares his backstory. He is the current CEO and founder of Dragon Innovation, a hardware-focused crowdfunding platform that aims to help project creators with fulfillment after a successful raise.

Abundance Generation Blog | Can we break the Big Six stranglehold without an energy crisis?

Abundance Generation is a UK-based crowdfunding site that aims to fund green energy projects, so they’re obviously passionate about the subject of energy and consumption. In this blog post they share their thoughts on how regulation could help in breaking the stranglehold six large companies have over the energy market in the UK.

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