Updated: Coolest Cooler Over $6 Million Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Evolution of Coolest Cooler

The breakaway success crowdfunding project of the summer is here:  Coolest Cooler is now the 4th  3rd most funded campaign EVER on Kickstarter.  The dark horse campaign has blasted past mega-crowdfunding hits like Veronica Mars and the campaign has not even broken a sweat.  The only campaigns that stand in its path to become number one are; Neil Young’s Pono, game counsel OUYA and PebbleWatch that trailblazed wearable tech.  In the ten days since Coolest Cooler launched the “portable party disguised as a cooler” has raised over $6 million from over 30,000 backers – averaging $600,000 in funding a day!  There are still 42 days left in this campaign so if Stop Veronica Marsyou extrapolate things a bit you reach an incredible amount.  Coolest Cooler is on track to the biggest rewards based campaign ever.

Ryan Grepper, the Cooler’s creator, must be in shock.  Ryan clearly has the skill set and horsepower to make a campaign a success but at the velocity he is experiencing today you simply have to be in awe.  This off a campaign that FAILED the first time around.  In the Winter of 2013 the Coolest Cooler struggled to crowdfund $125,000 – an amount that seems a pittance standing next to the mountain of cash raised today.

Top 4 most funded kickstarter

In a post to backers Ryan shared some insight into his success and how he feels about the whole thing:

Hey y’all,

I don’t even know where to start, or how to write this update. All I can say is THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.

As of this update, you’ve already made the COOLEST COOLER the 5th most funded product ever on Kickstarter, with 43 days to go. As an inventor and creator at heart, this is the greatest dream come true. Honestly, this is actually far beyond my wildest dreams. I’ve never been more happy and humbled in my life. It’s amazing how many people have connected with this idea!

There’s just not a single word powerful enough to express my feelings after this last week, but if ‘grateful’ was combined with ‘overjoyed’ and then multiplied by ‘committed’, that would be a start.

Ryan GrepperMost of all, I’m just EXCITED that so many of you will get to experience the fun multiplier that is the COOLEST!

As you’ve read in my product description and saw in my video, I launched this campaign with a solid plan and teams in place to help make it happen. The scale may be larger but I’ll continue to meet with everyone to ensure we fulfill with excellence, and proceed as I described. First steps first. I’m laser-focused on executing and I’ll keep you updated throughout the process, with most fulfillment updates for backers coming, as usual, after the Kickstarter campaign has actually closed. If you’re wondering about the schedule or any other details, visit the main campaign page and scroll down to the “What’s Next” or FAQ sections.

THANKS again for your remarkable support in sharing and funding this product and dream!

To the entire Kickstarter community and to all those new here, I send you my greatest thanks. I’m also sending you a virtual Vodkarita and cheers, and I hope you’re having an amazing summer.


Coolest Cooler at 6 millionEven if the campaign stalls and momentum diminishes the product and the project will remain an impressive testament to crowdfunding.  A great product combined with perseverance, fortitude and a solid strategic approach is a lesson to be learned by all potential crowdfunders.  Crowdfunding is a LOT of work – but Ryan shows us all how it is done.

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