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Coolest Cooler Update: Still Trying to Ship those Coolers Out

Coolest Cooler, the 2nd most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time at $13.29 million, continues to chug along and deliver Coolers around the world. The Kickstarter pre-sale project launched in 2014 with an expected delivery date to early backers of the “21st Century Cooler” in… Read More

Coolest Cooler: Amazon Launchpad has been the Worst Company to Deal With

Coolest Cooler, the 2nd most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time, continues to struggle in its quest to deliver coolers to campaign backers. Late last month we reported that Amazon was selling Coolest Coolers for about what you had to commit during the crowdfunding campaign… Read More

Coolest Cooler No Longer Hot as Price Drops on Amazon

Last time we visited the saga of the Coolest Cooler, creator Ryan Grepper was struggling to deliver on his backer commitments from his high-profile Kickstarter campaign. The determined Grepper promised to deliver all of the promised high-tech Coolers one way or another – but it was… Read More

Coolest Cooler Gears Up to Ship to Backers Willing to Pay a Bit More

Coolest Cooler announced on Thursday they had restarted the production line for Kickstarter supporters who signed up during their crowdfunding campaign. Coolest is the 2nd largest Kickstarter project ever after Pebble Watch, having raised more than $13 million almost two years ago. While some of… Read More

Coolest Cooler Garners Enough Interest from Backers Willing to Pay More to Receive Cooler Sooner

Coolest Cooler founder and creator Ryan Grepper recently offered an alternative to backers who have yet to receive their Kickstarter reward.  While having delivered over 20,000 coolers to backers, more than 30,000 remain in limbo as the company ran short of cash creating a critical… Read More

Coolest Cooler Posts “Path Forward” for Jilted Backers

Coolest Cooler creator Ryan Grepper has posted a backer update that seeks to provide hope to supporters of his crowdfunding campaign that have yet to receive their promised cooler. In an earlier backer update, Grepper explained the challenges in completing delivery of the Coolest Cooler…. Read More

Coolest Cooler will Raise Additional Capital via Equity Crowdfunding

In a Google Hangout for Kickstarter backers of the Coolest Cooler, creator Ryan Grepper announced that he has decided to seek additional capital for his company via equity crowdfunding platform CircleUp. Grepper stated they were seeking $15 million in total during the online raise. He… Read More

Coolest Cooler Not So Cool as Project Runs Short of Cash

In a backer update emailed to supporters yesterday, the second most funded Kickstarter campaign delivered some disturbing news. In brief, Coolest Cooler has ran out of cash. The email, signed by Coolest Creator Ryan Grepper, danced around the subject a bit. Grepper stated; “However, this… Read More

Coolest Cooler Team Resolves Motor Issues; Announces New Product Upgrades

Hoping to land back into good grace with some of Coolest Cooler backers, the creator of the highly anticipated Kickstarter cooler, Ryan Grepper, announced this week he and his team resolved the motor issues that are causing the product’s delivery setbacks. Grepper previously revealed that the… Read More

MakerBot is the 3D Printing Company that Helped to Create the Coolest Cooler (Video)

MakerBot, a 3D printing company, was a vital part of the production process in creating the Coolest Cooler.  Founded by Ryan Grepper, Coolest Cooler was the most funded Kickstarter campaign of all time until it was topped by Pebble Watch earlier this year. Coolest raised… Read More

2nd Largest Kickstarter Campaign Ever to Ship this Month

The Coolest Cooler, a crowdfunded product that held the most funded ever title until it was usurped by the Pebble Smartwatch, has announced it will start shipping to backers the end of this month.  While delayed a bit, Coolest Cooler has continued to maintain ongoing… Read More

2nd Most Funded Kickstarter Marches Towards Fullfilment

The Coolest Cooler burst onto the crowdfunding scene hoping to raise a mere $50,000. A re-do of a failed Kickstarter project from the year prior, creator Ryan Grepper spent several months assessing what worked, and what went wrong, before re-launching his crowdfunding project that closed… Read More

Largest Kickstarter Campaign Ever “Coolest Cooler” Starts Shipment Countdown

The largest Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign of all time “Coolest Cooler” has created a “Countdown” page for its over 62,000 backers.  Coolest topped $13.2 million last year affirming its place in the crowdfunding hall of fame. Think about it. Pretty amazing for a cooler. We last… Read More

Largest Kickstarter Campaign Ever “Coolest Cooler” Announces Upgrades, Pushes Back Ship Date

In a note to supporters, Coolest Cooler creator Ryan Grepper announced a list of product upgrades along with a change in expected shipping dates.  As it stands today, Coolest Cooler will ship early Summer 2015 “probably July”.  This contrasts the originally scheduled ship date of… Read More

Coolest Cooler Partners with Dragon Innovation on Production

Coolest Cooler, the largest crowdfunding campaign ever on the Kickstarter platform, is working with Dragon Innovation to aid in the production process of manufacturing, shipping and delivering over 60,000 tricked out coolers by early 2015.  In a note to backers, project creator Ryan Grepper delivered… Read More

Coolest Cooler Selects Manufacturer, Upgrades Battery

Kickstarter record holder Coolest Cooler has announced the selection of factory to manufacturer the 60,000 plus coolers they intend to ship in the coming months.  Without giving a name and precise location, Coolest Cooler stated they opted out of domestic production due to the options… Read More

Kickstarter Shares Coolest Cooler Stats

As most everyone knows by now, the Coolest Cooler crowdfunding campaign now reigns as the most funded project on Kickstarter ever at $13.3 million.  An incredible amount of backers came together to overthrow the mighty Pebble Smartwatch from the crowdfunding throne.  And who would have thought… Read More

Coolest Cooler Closes at $13,285,226: Record Amount on Kickstarter

The one crowdfunding campaign to beat them all.  Coolest Cooler closed their 52 day crowdfunding campaign yesterday.  Coolest stands as the single largest campaign ever on the Kickstarter platform having blasted past the Pebble Smartwatch held the top spot for over two years.  The 62,642… Read More

Updated: Coolest Cooler – The Most Funded Project Ever on Kickstarter

With over 2 days remaining in the 57 day crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Coolest Cooler topped Pebble Watch to become the most funded project on Kickstarter ever.  It has taken over two years for Pebble to be topped but it was inevitable that a project… Read More

Updated: Coolest Cooler Nears Kickstarter Crowdfunding Record

It was over two years ago that Pebble smart watch rocked the wearable tech space as they raised capital via Kickstarter.  The final tally on the 37 day crowdfunding campaign closed at $10,266,845 with backers numbering at 68,929.  Pebble captured headlines around the world and… Read More

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