Lack Focus? truBrain is an Alternative to Energy Drinks, Designed to Boost Productivity

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While I am a huge fan of caffeine I recognize that my favorite “supplement” has extreme limitations. Being awake does not equal being alert. Trust me, I know.  While there are plenty of trendy drinks that are high in caffeine, and a few other add-ons, none really make the claim to boost productivity by increasing focus.

truBraintruBrain states it can do all of this and the company is in the process of generating quantitative data to back this claim up. The special ingredients include “active nootropics” that are mixed with amino acids and other natural ingredients that combine to create the focus potion.

Now what are nootropics? No specifics but these are also referred to as “smart drugs” (according to wikipedia).  The term nootropics was coined by a Romanian Doctor in 1972 who claimed to synthesize Piracetam – the first nootropic.  truBrain claims to be the first to market for a drink that uses nootropics.  Using nootropics is very big in Silicon Valley right now as everyone there works weeklong – days. Here is a recent blog post about someone who used a different nootropic product.

Sports drinks and soft-drink alternatives are hot these days.  Fewer and fewer people are reaching for a diet Coke or Sprite as they are low in food value and high in tooth decay.  Most people recognize they are what they eat – so what you consume – really counts. Capitalizing on this shift in consumer interest, truBrain states it is “creating the worlds #1 functional food (sorry soylent). Will they live up to these claims? I don’t know but they have some solid initial traction.

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turbrain has been bootstrapped with $180,000 and has now established a run rate of $1.3 million.  The company has acquired over 10,000 customers and says it is growing at 20% month over month. Their mission is to create the world’s #1 functional food and beverage brand and they are looking for investors.

PowerPitch truBrainWhile truBrain already has some well known, early stage investors like Howard Marks of StartEngine, the offer on the table is to raise $1 million on a convertible note.  The company previously raised $400,000 on CircleUp earlier this year but this earlier raise is not mentioned on their campaign page. Details may be viewed on Crowdfunder here, but the valuation cap has been set at $8 million.  The closing date was set at June 1 but the offer remains open.  Minimum ticket is $50k.

truBrain’s CEO and founder Chris Thompson hit CNBC for a PowerPitch. You can watch it below.

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