CrowdRating Launches in UK to Separate “Wheatfromchaff” in Equity Crowdfunding

CrowdRating How it Works

CrowdRating, a new platform servicing the equity crowdfunding industry in the UK, has launched operations to provide potential investors with an advisory service for listings on crowdfunding sites. The new platform, founded by Modwenna Rees-Mogg and Alex Heath, went live this week with 30 different reports.  CrowdRating is presently proving ratings for SyndicateRoom, Seedrs and Crowdcube. They expect to add additional platforms in the near future.

Modwenna Rees-MoggCrowdRating explains;

Even if you are investing in the most light-hearted way it is important to pick the best deals possible, and avoid the worst deals. If you are a serious investor, whether you are building a diversified portfolio or just trying to pick the winners, it is vital you have as much information at your fingertips as possible.

While equity crowdfunded offers are typically associated with significant tax incentives, there has been some question as to the quality of offers on the diverse platforms operating in the UK.  Early stage investing is a risky endeavor. CrowdRating wants to be a variable in the decision-making process for all investors.

Goncalo de Vasconcelos, CEO of SyndicateRoom,  praised the launch of CrowdRating, which he feels will vastly improve the quality of deals;

“Today’s launch of Crowdrating is another leap forward, taking crowdfunding from alternative to mainstream finance. The added transparency and accountability that an independent crowdfunding rating agency will bring is something that SyndicateRoom applauds and warmly welcomes to the industry.

We hope that Crowdrating will pressure some platforms to improve their standards, by simply and ingeniously providing more information to online investors, showing which platforms are on top of their game and providing high quality deals to their members. This is something that I’ve been championing for a long time.

This is a welcome spotlight – one that will expose dark corners while enabling the best platforms and deals to shine”.

CrowdRating is accepting registrants now.


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  • For REAL crowd rating, i strongly advise where the whole community can rate for a project.

  • Tom

    We had these jokers contact us with their abysmally written, critical “report” that was full of factual errors, grammatical errors and schoolboyish criticism of our crowdfunding campaign.

    They sent an email with the “preview” report, which was of course terribly critical. They’d never spoken to us and it was full of opinion, factual errors and obviously written with the sole purpose of making us worried it would be published. Then when I replied saying their shoddy and unresearched report is nonsense. They got back to me with the canned email (looked like it was copy and pasted) not addressing any of the issues but a vague “I understand you are unhappy with your rating, you can pay for a review to see if we can change it”.

    Total complete scammers and I told them so. Luckily their website will have no traffic and anyone who reads the reports (Im guessing the others are similarly terribly written and worthless) will see that these guys are just blackmail artists.

    These parasites can’t create anything of value themselves so they’ve resorted to blackmailing small businesses and startups who are trying to raise funds with the threat of publishing a negative report.

    I shall consider making a complaint the FCA if they do publish it, not that anyone will read or take any notice of their abysmally written “report”.

    I’ve informed the crowdfunding platforms too – hopefully they can warn other startups not to pay these leeches a penny for their mafia style shakedown.