European Lender Bondora has Now Returned €64M to Investors with €571M Invested

European lender Bondora recently celebrated its 14th year of launching operations.

The team at Bondora has thanked all their customers who have chosen to work with them, supported them, and grown with them over all these years. The online lending platform’s management is also thankful for everyone’s contributions, and they’ll continue to give you the “best way to grow your wealth online.”

The Bondora team has shared 14 notable stats from the last 14 years to celebrate their birthday.

  • Investors: 194,603 total investors
  • €571 million invested in total
  • €64 million returns earned
  • 53,253 private Investors with over €1,000 invested
  • 46,623 Go & Grow investors with more than €1,000 invested (Of these 46,623, 17.1% are women, And of those 46,623, 7.1% are pensioners)
  • Borrowers: 982,260 borrowers
  • €2,696 average loan amount
  • 52 months average loan duration
  • 20.9% Average loan interest
  • Company has 110 employees (and counting!) with 21 different nationalities and over 50% are women

In another update, Bondora noted that on 9 March, they had the first live Q&A for 2022. Their CEO and Founder, Pärtel Tomberg, shared their stance on the war in Ukraine, what they’ve done to help, and also shared more details about their “future plans and stability in times of crisis.”

The company CEO also answered questions directly from their investors. Bondora received nearly 100 questions.

The firm has thanked clients for sending their questions and participating in the live Q&A.

As mentioned in a blog post, the “cold-blooded attack on Ukraine and its freedom should end.” The team wants “to help support Ukraine and its brave people however [they] can, which is why Bondora has donated to Mondo, an NGO providing humanitarian aid in Ukraine.”

Additionally, they are “working with refugee organizations to provide employment options, housing, and necessary goods and services to Ukrainian refugees coming to Estonia.” They’re encouraging all their able customers “to do whatever they can to help those who need it.”

As mentioned in the update, “many questions revolved around the war and how this could affect Bondora.”

The firm also noted:

“We believe the effects will be minimal. Our active loan markets are in Estonia, Finland, and Spain. We have no business operations in Russia, Belarus, or Ukraine, so the war has no direct impact on our operations or future plans. Estonia moved away from Russian markets 15 years ago in terms of economic relations. And our borrower markets also have minimal economic relations with Russia.”

They added:

“Even though energy prices will be affected across Europe, the Go & Grow portfolio size makes it nearly impossible for the portfolio to be affected. And the high diversity of the portfolio mitigates risks, along with higher returns that are used to act as a buffer.”

For more details on this update, check here.

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