Decentralized, High-Throughput, Gas Efficient IOST Platform Releases Mainnet Olympus v3.8.1


As the crucial underlying infrastructure of a public chain ecosystem, the mainnet’s performance “determines its development,” the IOST team notes in an update.

Since the mainnet launch, the IOST development team claims it has “maintained an innovative attitude and has released frequent updates and optimizations.”

Now, they are releasing version 3.8.1 of Olympus.

As mentioned in the announcement, it should be noted that Olympus v3.8.1 “is an incompatible upgrade and all node operators shall complete the upgrade before June 10, 2022.”

As noted by IOST developers:


  • Improve the libp2p module
  • Added support for tls and noise, in addition to secio
  • Added support for yamux, in addition to mplex
  • Significantly improved the time to join the p2p network after restarting the node.

As confirmed in a blog post by IOST, the next update will remove secio support.

As mentioned in the announcement, all nodes shall “complete the upgrade before June 10, 2022.” Otherwise, the network connection “may worsen until it becomes unavailable in the coming weeks.”

You may review additional information above this version here.

In order to successfully complete this upgrade, you would have to follow the instructions published on the IOST developer documentation. After the upgrade is complete, you can use the following command to view the hash and version:

  • docker exec -it iserver iwallet state | grep -E “codeVersion|gitHash”

The result should be as follows:

  • “gitHash”: “cea7b29b3800ed2c81ef5b25669a321794368c67”,
  • “codeVersion”: “3.8.1”,

As covered, IOST claims that it “is committed to building a developer-friendly public chain platform.”

In the future, IOST will continue “to innovate and continue to upgrade and optimize the mainnet, bringing more powerful underlying infrastructure support and a good development experience to all mainnet ecosystem users.”

From here, they would like to express their gratitude to the IOST development team and developers from all over the world “for their unremitted efforts and welcome developers to join our developer community.”

As covered in March 2022, Japanese web app developer Omochi had announced its pre-registration of “tomonity” NFT marketplace on the IOST blockchain.

Tomonity’s “unique” benefits for its users reportedly include “free” transactions and a built-in wallet that “eliminates the pain of creating and importing a crypto wallet for new users.”

As covered earlier this year, the team at IOST confirmed that 2021 was a year of “highs and lows” for not only IOST but the entire blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem.

They’ve noted that they’re thankful for IOSTIANS for staying with them through this “wild ride.”

The IOST team stated:

“Our solid ecosystem, enthusiastic community and committed team are the foundation for IOST’s future success. Rome was not built in one day! While many projects launched at the same time have left the race, IOST team is not the one to easily give up.”

They concluded:

“2022 will be a year of more accomplishments, more strategic plans in the fields of NFT, DeFi, and Metaverse, more high-quality partners, playable and rewarding dApps, and a stronger IOST ecosystem.”

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