European P2P Platforms have Attracted $11.7B via 387 Funding Rounds Since 2005: Report

Over the past 17 years, European P2P platforms have “attracted more than $11 billion through funding rounds,” according to an update from

Robocash writes in a blog post that most of the money raised “comes towards the mixed sector of business and consumer lending.”

Since 2005, European P2P platforms have reportedly “attracted $11.7 billion through 387 funding rounds.”

As noted by, about 1,580 private and institutional investors “took part in the transactions.” However, the total investment in the European market is “still lower than in Asia ($12 billion) or North America ($19.6 billion) over the same period.”

In 2022, the growth in total fundraising “was mainly due to the so-called Conventional Debt, whose volume grew by 45.4%.”

At the same time, Robocash reveals that financing “through rounds itself reduced by 29.2%, which, together with the previous indicator, led to an overall increase of 14.8%.”

Analysts of the Robocash platform commented:

“One of the factors behind the fall is the global geopolitical situation, which forced investors to change their strategies. Despite this, the overall amount of funds raised still increased. This tells us that the P2P lending market in Europe is trying to adapt to economic and political turbulence and has the potential for further development and growth in peacetime.”

The greatest interest among investors is “shown to the platforms of Great Britain, Germany and France.”

These countries together “attracted 89% of all investments in the European P2P industry.”

As noted in the update from, 50% of all-time investments “are in the mixed business and consumer P2P lending sector ($5.9 billion).”

The analysts added:

“There is a clear trend towards increasing diversification. Platforms tend to pay attention to specific clients in order to build long-term relationships with them.”

As noted in another update from Robocash, February was “marked by changes and set new goals for the next few months.” have “changed the interest rates for loans from 90 days to 3 years. ”

As mentioned in a blog post:

“In accordance with current business needs, we have reduced the supply on the platform. For this reason, not all of your money may be invested. New loans of different terms are available a few times a week. When setting up portfolios, we recommend that you choose originators from Spain, Singapore and the Philippines first, as they provide more new loans. The situation with limited supply may continue for a couple of months, we will make sure to keep you updated.”

On February 21, celebrated 6 years of company operations.

Given the results and focus of the Group, they “decided that now is the time to be more engaged in improving the platform service.”

Thus, the firm plans to:

  • work out the list of current income strategies, giving more options to manage your earnings,
  • optimize the onboarding process for new investors.

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