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This announcement marks a significant milestone in the digital landscape as NexeraID in collaboration with PolygonID unveil their Web3 Compliance initiative.

This project sets a standard for privacy protection while “ensuring strict adherence to regulatory requirements in the ever-evolving realm of Web3 compliance.”

With the growth of Web3 technologies and the adoption of blockchain applications, concerns surrounding data privacy and regulatory compliance “have become paramount.”

Recent developments, such as the MiCA regulations in Europe and discussions in the US Senate, have led “to uncertainty and confusion among Web3 companies.”

To address these concerns and facilitate regulatory requirements, NexeraID and PolygonID have joined forces on a mission “to simplify compliance for the Web3 space.”

Unlocking the power of privacy-preserving ZKPs

PolygonID provides a privacy-first identity framework “based on the Zero-knowledge proofs technology.” This initiative empowers users “with control over their sensitive information while fostering a secure and compliant environment for businesses to thrive.”

Silvia Aran, Director of Technical Sales at PolygonID, said:

“The Polygon ID team is explicitly working towards allowing Web3 users to have a self-sovereign governance of their identity without having to share any personal sensitive information to prove authenticity of users. Our collaboration with NexeraID will definitely help Web3 companies easily kick-start their compliance journey while safeguarding their user privacy.”

Rachid Ajaja, Founder & CEO of AllianceBlock / NexeraID, said:

“We fully comprehend the unique compliance obstacles that Web3 organizations face in today’s digital landscape. At NexeraID, our mission is to define the standards of secure and accountable digital identity, consistently maintaining a balance between regulatory compliance and data privacy. Our strategic collaboration with Polygon ID is positioned to become a pivotal factor in the evolution of Web3. As the emphasis on compliance and regulation grows stronger, our joint initiative stands as an ideal strategy, expected to engage regulatory attention. The journey ahead is exciting, with the potential to profoundly influence the Web3 ecosystem.”

Simplifying Compliance with Composable Workflows

NexeraID’s suite of services includes KYC, AML, KYT, ongoing monitoring, and risk assessment, “empowering Web3 companies with seamless regulatory adherence.”

Leveraging PolygonID’s identity infrastructure, NexeraID says it “issues tamper-proof verifiable credentials, enabling secure interactions and user data control.”

Central to this collaboration is NexeraID’s powerful rules engine that “acts as a no-code customizable set of internal controls, evaluating specific user criteria to ensure compliance with regulatory standards.”

By utilizing the users’ verifiable credentials, Web3 companies can “enforce precise compliance rules and streamline their processes, enhancing security and trust for all stakeholders involved.”

Two Components for Seamless Integration

NexeraID and PolygonID’s collaborative solution consists of two primary components:

  • The NexeraID Widget: This widget seamlessly integrates into Web3 applications, enabling users to obtain an SSID based on their real-world identity and share it with the application. Under the hood, the widget deploys an Identity wallet compatible with the PolygonID protocol, allowing users to hold and share verifiable credentials (VCs). By interacting with the PolygonID Issuer, VCs are issued to users based on their real-world identity, simplifying the verification process.
  • The Rules Engine: This component empowers Web3 companies to define their unique compliance scenarios. Leveraging PolygonID’s ZK (Zero-Knowledge) Query language, the Rules Engine enables anonymous verifications and allows businesses to determine whether users should be approved or banned from interacting with their applications.

Application Coverage

This solution addresses a broad spectrum of applications within the Web3 space:

  • Privacy-Preserving Decentralized Finance (DeFi) Onboarding: Users can obtain a self-sovereign identity through PolygonID’s Zero-Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) technology, proving authenticity without revealing personal data. NexeraID’s suite of services, including KYC, AML, and risk assessment, leverages the Polygon ID verifiable credentials. DeFi platforms can now comply with regulatory requirements while ensuring user privacy.
  • Interoperable Cross-Border Tokenization and Identity Verification: Users can seamlessly participate in cross-border tokenized asset transactions. PolygonID’s privacy-first identity framework allows users to interact with various Web3 applications without sharing sensitive information. NexeraID’s tamper-proof verifiable credentials ensure compliant identity verification across borders, enabling global tokenization with regulatory adherence.
  • Regulated Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) Marketplace: NFT marketplaces integrated with NexeraID and PolygonID can offer a verified user profile system without compromising user privacy. PolygonID’s Identity wallet allows users to own and trade NFTs with privacy-preserving identity verification. The marketplace can perform AML and KYC checks using the tamper-proof verifiable credentials issued by NexeraID.
  • Decentralized Identity Verification for Supply Chain Management: NexeraID and PolygonID enable supply chain businesses to perform identity verification and compliance checks in a privacy-centric manner. Verifiable credentials issued through Polygon ID toolsetensure the authenticity of suppliers without exposing proprietary supply chain data. Anonymous verification with ZK Query language enables businesses to validate compliance without sharing sensitive information.
  • Decentralized Gaming Passport: Gamers can now control their identities securely, without revealing sensitive data, thanks to PolygonID’s privacy-first identity framework. NexeraID issues tamper-proof verifiable credentials and gives the users the possibility to generate ZKP proofs from the VCs, ensuring seamless compliance with age verification and gaming regulations. This passport facilitates secure onboarding to diverse Web3 gaming platforms, promoting a safer gaming environment. Moreover, its interoperability across platforms guarantees users a seamless, privacy-enhanced gaming experience like never before.

As noted in the update:

“The collaboration between NexeraID and PolygonID represents a pivotal step forward in the Web3 space. By simplifying compliance through composable control workflows and leveraging the power of PolygonID’s Identity Infrastructure, the two entities have paved the way for Web3 companies to confidently navigate the complexities of regulatory requirements. This strategic collaboration not only ensures user privacy and data protection but also promotes the responsible and sustainable growth of the Web3 ecosystem. Together, NexeraID and PolygonID are driving the industry forward, leading by example, and setting new standards for compliance in the Web3 era.”

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