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AgFunder Announces First Live Investment Opportunity

AgTech and agriculture industry crowdfunding platform  AgFunder has announced their first investment opportunity is now live on their investment crowdfunding site. Fresno, California based OnFarm is a Software as a Service (SaaS) big data company that aggregates multitudes of data—from water information to fertilizer inputs—to provide… Read More

CropMobster Crowdsources to Stop Global Food Waste (Video)

CropMobster is on a mission to solve the enormous problem of food waste and hunger and they are tackling this challenge with an innovative crowdsourced approach.  Their community platform wants to provide a way to solve these huge problems.  The idea is based on the concept… Read More

Agriculture Crowdfunding site AgFunder to Host Webinar on TerViva Offer

AgFunder, an online crowdfunding platform for ag and ag tech opportunities and  TerViva, a company developing a new class of sustainable crops that can be grown on sub-prime agriculture land, will be hosting AgFunder’s first webinar focused on AgFunder’s Terviva Fund I.   This is an… Read More

AgFunder Aims to Innovate Funding for $6.4 Trillion Agribusiness

Earlier this year I had opportunity to speak with Rob Leclerc as he prepared to launch a new accredited investor crowdfunding platform ExplorationFunder.   The platform was set to tackle natural resource projects on a global basis.  ExplorationFunder was to be one of a portfolio… Read More

Infragram Is A Small Infrared Camera For Geek Gardeners

Did you know that looking at a garden in infrared can help a gardener see areas of high growth versus elements of low growth or decay? You learn something new every day. That is the idea behind the Infagram, which aims to put an infrared… Read More

Organic Farm Uses Crowdfunding to Reach Out to Free Range Customers

Organic egg producer Vital Farms has big plans for the future. And judging from the response on the crowdfunding site, When You Wish, the hens are probably clucking with excitement. In September, we gave readers a virtual tour of the Aurora, Texas-based enterprise, which has… Read More

Trust uses ‘crowdfunding’ to finance new potato variety

The Sarvari Research Trust has (SRT) turned to “crowdfunding” to finance its development of a blight-resistant potato variety. The trust, whose financial difficulties were reported in Grower (31 August), aims to raise £5,000 over the next 100 days to develop its Crow (short for Crowdfunded)… Read More

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