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UK SMEs Are Increasingly Reliant on Real-Time “Actionable” Insights to Guide Decisions: Report

In today’s volatile environment, and with 84% of businesses expecting running costs to spike further this year1, SMEs are “increasingly reliant on real-time actionable insights to guide critical decisions.” Latest figures from Pulse, the “one-of-a-kind,” data-driven tool and resource hub for SMEs, from Nucleus Commercial… Read More

UK SMEs Forced to Borrow or Raise Nearly £50K to Survive Inflationary Crisis: Report

Nucleus Commercial Finance research highlights the scale of the challenge facing UK SMEs: 65% of SMEs are finding the current cost-of-living crisis is proving more of a burden on their business than the pandemic lockdowns Just 33% believe the cost-of-living crisis is proving less of… Read More

Nucleus Commercial Finance Approved to Offer Recovery Loan Scheme

Nucleus Commercial Finance, has received approval to offer the Recover Loan Scheme (RLS), a government program designed to support businesses that have struggled during the COVID health crisis. Nucleas previously offered lending under the Coronavirus Business Interruption Loan Scheme (CBILS), lending £438 million in 2020… Read More

UK’s SME Lender Nucleus Commercial Finance Acquires £200 Million Funding Line

Online balance sheet lender, Nucleus Commercial Finance, reports that it has secured a £200 million funding line, which should help with increasing the platform’s capacity or ability to support more UK-based businesses. The new funding line should help ensure that the lender is well-positioned to… Read More

Nucleus Commercial Finance Reports that More UK Residents are Supporting SMBs during COVID but Say Quality Is Better when Buying from Major Retailers

More UK-based consumers have been supporting their local independent businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to research conducted by Nucleus Commercial Finance. The researchers revealed that the vast majority (96%) of UK consumers support their local businesses and 63% of them have made a special… Read More

Nucleus Commercial Finance Milestone: Lends £350 Million in 2017

Online balance sheet lender, Nucleus Commercial Finance, reportedly lent £350 million in 2017. Founded in 2011, the lender revealed its platform was created in order to provide UK SEMs with alternative funding options. It was revealed: “At Nucleus, we combine the stability of bank finance with the… Read More

Balance Sheet Lender Nucleus Provides £3.8 Million in Alternative Finance to Hinkley Point C Nuclear Power Plant

Nucleus Commercial Finance has provided a specialist construction firm with £3.8 million alternative finance funding line to complete its work at Hinkley Point C nuclear power station (HPC) over the course of the next ten years. The multi-million-pound deal is comprised of £1.8 million in property… Read More

Nucleus Commercial Finance Focuses on £1 Billion Education Sector

Online balance sheet lender, Nucleus Commercial Finance, is now offering a range of specialist products for the education sector. The education finance portfolio has been designed by Nucleus to allow education providers the ability to receive advances and secure a line of credit against their… Read More

Alternative Lender Nucleus Commercial Finance Claims Really Big £14.5 Million Loan

UK alternative lender Nucleus Commercial Finance is providing a £14.5 million finance facility to Industrial Metal Services (IMS), a large steel stockholder, to the tune of £14.5 million.  This may be the largest loan ever for Nucleus.  While the company is claiming to be the… Read More

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