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Hyperion Decimus Founders Explain Why They Chose BitGo, a Digital Asset Custodian

When Hyperion Decimus Founders Chris Sullivan and Matt Rosen launched the quant fund they had one “headache” to solve: mitigating counterparty risk. Self-custody wasn’t secure enough, so they “started the process of carefully vetting potential custodians.” That’s how they reportedly chose BitGo. Sullivan said: “BitGo… Read More

AscendEX Adds Superalgos Automation Tools for Crypto Trading

Superalgos, an open-source community-owned trading intelligence project, this week announced its partnership with AscendEX, a global cryptocurrency platform. Through the partnership, Superalgos will bring the exchange’s users new trading automation tools, enabling them to deploy sophisticated automated trading systems. The Superalgos community, for its part, will… Read More

Bosonic Tackles Counterparty Credit, Settlement Risk in Digital Asset Markets

  Bosonic’s layer 2 blockchain infrastructure will be a clear player in digital asset markets because it addresses the key issues of counterparty credit and settlement risk, founder and CEO Rosario Ingargiola said. The company draws from Ingargiola’s two decades of experience with building algorithmic,… Read More

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