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US Venture Capital Market Deal Count for Private Firms Declines 29% YoY: Report

The global economy took a downward turn in 2022, “leaving behind 2021’s environment of easy money and soaring valuations,” according to an update from Carta. The U.S. venture capital market “followed suit.” Venture deal count for private companies on Carta in 2022 “declined 29% year… Read More

Global M&A Activity Remained Resilient in 2022 Despite Harsh Macroeconomic Headwinds: Report

In 2022, global M&A activity “remained resilient despite harsh macroeconomic headwinds that persisted throughout the year,” according to an update from Pitcbbook. Compared with 2021, M&A value “declined 13.7% to $4.7 trillion but was strong relative to historic levels and marked its second-best year.” Pitchbook… Read More

Deal Activity, Deal Value on Carta Platform Declined Every Quarter of 2022

Both deal activity and deal value on the Carta platform have “declined in every quarter of 2022, falling back to pre-pandemic levels.” That’s a sharp reversal from last year, “when startup investment was propelled to new heights.” This year, deal volume in Q3 “was down… Read More

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