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BrewDog’s Equity for Punks USA is Almost Here

The equity crowdfunding campaign for BrewDog, the largest independent brewery in Scotland, will soon cross the Atlantic with the next British invasion. As we reported recently, BrewDog has filed with the SEC to launch a Reg A+ mini-IPO for their Yankee subsidiary. Mission control for… Read More

BrewDog Files Reg A+ with SEC to Raise Capital for US Expansion

BrewDog, and its Equity for Punks campaign, is crossing the Atlantic and they are leveraging Regulation A+ to pay the way. Equity for Punks USA is accepting emails now for anyone interested in receiving updates on the forthcoming equity crowdfunding offer. The investment opportunity is… Read More

BrewDog Gifts Donald Trump Shares in Company. Asks Him to Stop Trying to Be Leader of Free World in Return

Perpetually crowdfunding company BrewDog has published an open letter to America’s newest political nemesis Donald Trump.  In an effort to help stop the Trump buffoonery freight train, BrewDog co-founder James Watt offered a gift of 2 shares in his company; “…You see, Christmas is a… Read More

Update: BrewDog Scores Over £2.6M on Crowdcube

With less than two weeks until its Crowdcube initiative comes to an end, UK-based craft brewery, BrewDog, has successfully secured over £2.6M thanks to nearly 1,500 investors.  Originally started out in the back of a van by two guys and dog, BrewDog is now recognized globally… Read More

New UK Crowdfunding Record Set with BrewDog Equity + Beer = “World’s Biggest Round”

Cheers to BrewDog, one of the UK’s first craft beer brewers, for raising £10M and setting a UK record for the largest equity crowdfunded project. Listed on Crowdcube as a “first” combined debt and equity capital raise, BrewDog and Equity for Punks marketed the offer as the “World’s Biggest [funding] Round…. Read More

BrewDogs Announces First Brewery Outside of the UK & U.S. Crowdfunding Campaign

Ready to start expanding, BrewDog announced on Monday its plans to open its North American headquarters and first production facility outside the UK in Canal Winchester, which is located in the Columbus, Ohio region. This news comes just weeks after the brewery revealed its keen interest… Read More

BrewDog Announces Plans to Acquire Land in Ohio For First Brewery Outside Scotland

In an effort to expand globally, independent brewery BrewDog, announced it has plans to acquire land in Columbus, Ohio for a first brewery outside of Scotland. Reportedly, BrewDog stated that Columbus is one of two cities it was looking at for in its U.S. operation search. It was also revealed that the brewery… Read More

Investing in BrewDog Equity Crowdfunding Round: Good Deal or Not?

There is a lot of discussion going on the merits of participating in BrewDog’s most recent Equity for Punks crowdfunding round.  The 4th go at raising capital from the crowd, this one is the most ambitious to date seeking a raise of £25 million from… Read More

BrewDog Crowdfunds £5 Million in 20 Days. Drops “Fat Cat Bankers” from Helicopters Over the City (Video)

Iconoclastic brewery, and financial innovators, BrewDog easily raised £5 million in just 20 days making the point that equity crowdfunding is an effective path to raise capital. The established independent brewery, based in Scotland, is looking to raise £25 million in total as part of its… Read More

BrewDog Admits Equity For Punks Pitch Isn’t Considered A UKLA Approved Investment

Last week, independent brewery BrewDog announced it is seeking to raise capital with equity crowdfunding once again but this time they are going big. The company’s Equity for Punks pitch launched to raise £25 million, which will be the largest equity crowdfunding round in the UK to date. This is the 4th time… Read More

BrewDog Founder James Watt: We Want to Introduce a New Approach to Small Business Finance (Video)

BrewDog, the largest independent brewery in the UK today, last week announced a new equity crowdfunding offer that if fully funded will become the UK record holder for a direct issuer. BrewDog wants to raise £25 million via crowdfunding – something that is indicative of… Read More

BrewDog is Equity Crowdfunding Again. This Time for £25 Million.

Established brewery BrewDog is going to the raise capital once again but this time they are going big.  Their Equity for Punks pitch is seeking £25 million in crowdfunding which will be the largest equity crowdfunding round in the UK to date. This is the… Read More

Growler Beers UK Announces Crowdcube Campaign to Raise £120,000 For Brewing Expansion

Ready to expand its already growing business, Scotland-based Growler Beers UK announced it is set to launch an equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube in a couple of weeks and will be seeking £120,000. According to The Scotsman, Growler Beers UK debuted in the Morningside District of… Read More

BrewDog; “We Couldn’t Find Money to Expand Our Company”

Equity crowdfunding innovator BrewDog was recently interviewed on BBC about their “Equity for Punks” campaign.  The brief recording is interesting in the fact that co-founder James Watt adroitly explains the challenge.  They could not find money to grow their business. Necessity being the mother of… Read More

Last Call for Equity for Punks in BrewDog Brewery

BrewDog’s investment crowdfunding campaign “Equity for Punks” is nearing a close. BrewDog has issues a last call for investors as they are down to the last 2% of shares available for this funding round. The Scottish craft brewery raised their funding amount in November to… Read More

BrewDog Approaches Open Of Tokyo Bar, Issues Open Letter To Chinese Knockoff Pub

BrewDog is in the midst of an extremely aggressive period of growth now that the Scottish brewery has managed to raise millions of euros via equity crowdfunding raises. The latest expansion project for the brewery is a BrewDog bar in the Roppongi district of Tokyo,… Read More

Brewdog Brewery Raises Crowdfunding Target To Keep Up With Demand

The Scottish beer craftsmen at Brewdog Brewery are currently in the midst of a £4 million equity crowdfunding campaign, offering 3.6% equity in exchange for funding from the crowd. The brewery recently announced that they have raised £3.7 million of that and the campaign is on it’s… Read More

BrewDog A Case Study In Hopes For JOBS Act, Crowdfunding

We’ve been reporting on BrewDog brewery ever since the Scottish brewery startup launched a hybrid equity/rewards crowdfunding effort in June of this year. That effort, entitled “Equity for Punks,” netted BrewDog over £1 million in capital in 24 hours. If you’re a clever canine and… Read More

BrewDog Crowdfunds Equity of £3 Million out of £4 Million Target with Months Remaining

In just over two months Scottish brewery BrewDog has raised £3 Million on Goal of £4 Million.  Crowdfunding Round Closes in January. Craft brewery BrewDog started in 2007 with just 2 employees and a dream.  The firm was driven by two young fearless entrepreneurs determined… Read More

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