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EquityNet Raises $2.1 Million, Targets Title III Retail Crowdfunding

Platform Surpasses 35,000 Members and $230 Million Raised by its Entrepreneurs EquityNet, launched in 2005,  has raised an additional $2.1 million in funding led by Proton Enterprises. Also participating were several individual investors from around the country that were identified through EquityNet’s own crowdfunding platform…. Read More

EquityNet Partners With Crowdnetic & North Private Capital Securities On Deal Network

EquityNet has announced a partnership with Dow Jones MarketWatch via Crowdnetic and North Capital Private Securities that seeks to allow issuers to “showcase their private offerings” on MarketWatch, CrowdWatch and other crowdfunding platforms. Privately-held businesses can use EquityNet’s new distribution network and patented technology to showcase… Read More

Title II & Title III Take Center Stage as Experts Discuss Equity Crowdfunding at Crowdfund Global Expo

Imagine attending a dinner party a year from now where a dozen people are all talking about what businesses they’ve invested in. That’s a scene some predict for the near future, as equity crowdfunding moves into the spotlight in 2014. “I would like to see… Read More

Howard Leonhardt Crowdfunding $15M From Accreds For Cal-X Stars Accelerator Portfolio

Howard Leonhardt and his venture firm Leonhardt Ventures are making use of a new exemption under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D to solicit funding from accredited investors. The money will go towards funding a cadre of businesses participating in his Cal-X Stars accelerator. Leonhardt explains… Read More

EquityNet Receives Third Crowdfunding Patent For Biz Monitoring System

EquityNet has announced that they have secured a patent for technology that monitors the performance of private businesses. Titled “Electronic Enterprise Monitoring Apparatus,” it is the third crowdfunding-related patent held by EquityNet. Other patents in EquityNet’s portfolio are titled “Electronic Enterprise Capital Marketplace” and “Electronic Enterprise Analysis Apparatus”…. Read More

Crowdfunding takes the rug out from under VCs, angels

Some have said equity crowdfunding could put pressure on the venture capital industry. But data compiled by crowdfunderEquityNet suggests it will open whole different categories of upstarts for funding instead. “Crowdfunding is serving the area of capitalism that was previously underserved,”Judd Hollas, chief executive of the… Read More

A Framework for Due Diligence in Crowdfunding Marketplaces

Monday’s article highlighted EquityNet, an accredited crowdfunding platform with technology positioned to make the due diligence process more efficient for investors. Raising a big question: what exactly is the role of due diligence in investment crowdfunding? What are the mechanisms? Who’s doing the diligence: the Crowd… Read More

VIDEO – Data Driven Crowdfunding: A Look into EquityNet

EquityNet is an online network that connects capital-seeking businesses with accredited investors. The platform’s calling card is its data-driven approach to supporting investors and businesses in the matchmaking process. It does so by delivering standardized, and contextual, analytics and tools to both sides of the… Read More

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