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Securities Crowdfunding Platform EquityNet Announces Flat Fee Subscription Service for Offerings

EquityNet, an online capital formation platform that lists securities offerings in private firms, has announced a flat-fee subscription service to assist issuers seeking funding on their platform. EquityNet typically lists securities under Reg D 506c – available to accredited investors. According to a release, EquityNet’s in… Read More

EquityNet Introduces New Crowdfunding Platform, with Guided Business Profling, Planning Software

EquityNet, the “pioneer” of business crowdfunding, revealed on Tuessday (April 27, 2021) that it’s introducing a new type of patented crowdfunding platform that “advances the state-of-the-art in the industry.” According to a release, the new platform technology offers “unique campaign promotion and communication abilities for… Read More

Batu Biologics Completes Equity Crowdfunding Round With $1.3 Million in Funding

Batu Biologics, an immuno-oncology company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapies, announced on Monday the closing of its Regulation 506(c) equity crowdfunding offering on EquityNet after successfully securing $1.3 Million in funding. The funding round was launched in May 2017 and was… Read More

Former EquityNet CEO Judd Hollas Joins NewChip as COO & Co-Founder

Judd Hollas, former CEO of EquityNet and co-founder of the platform, has joined NewChip, a startup in the investment crowdfunding space. Hollas resigned from EquityNet, an investment listing platform, in August of 2015. Hollas was replaced by investor James Murphy who remains the CEO of the… Read More

EquityNet Unveils New Equity Crowdfunding Checklist

This week, crowdfunding platform EquityNet unveiled a new equity crowdfunding checklist that will help businesses find success with their upcoming campaigns. The following was reported by EquityNet. The company is legally formed – in this instance; the platform used an LLC as an example: Choose a… Read More

The First Investment Crowdfunding Fraud. What Does this Mean for the Industry?

During the buildup to the Securities and Exchange Commission’s announcement regarding the final rules on Title III retail crowdfunding, the Commission filed a fraud case in the US District Court of Nevada.  The SEC accused Ascenergy, a company ostensibly in the oil and gas industry,… Read More

SEC Calls Fraud on Ascenergy Oil & Gas Crowdfunding Scheme

Lost in all of the excitement of last weeks’ announcement from the SEC on Title III crowdfunding rules was a case of crowdfunding fraud.  According to the Securities and Exchange Commission, the agency halted a “fraudulent oil and gas crowdfunding scheme”.  The SEC has frozen… Read More

EquityNet’s Founder Judd Hollas Steps Down From Leadership Position; Board Member James Murphy Becomes CEO & President

EquityNet announced new CEO and President, James Murphy. Founder, Judd Hollas, has decided with the Board of Directors to resign his leadership role. Following Hollas resignation, the crowdfunding platform selected James Murphy to succeed as President and CEO. Murphy has been involved with the company… Read More

Crowdfunding: From Impossible, to Improbable to Inevitable in less than 10 years

  It was not that long ago that the term “crowdfunding” entered into the common lexicon. Today we regularly watch, or read about, multi-million crowdfunding campaigns delivering the next big thing to supportive consumers who are willing to wait a bit longer to receive a perk,… Read More

EquityNet’s Judd Hollas Shares Details About the Platform & His Thoughts About Title III of the JOBS Act

Offering up his thoughts on crowdfunding, EquityNet’s Judd Hollas sat down with Arkansas Business to discuss the funding method along with the platform’s history. During the interview, Hollas shared details about EquityNet: “Since 2005, we’ve been operating one of the largest business crowdfunding platforms, providing… Read More

EquityNet Releases Up-to-Date 2015 Crowdfunding Statistics

On Thursday, crowdfunding platform EquityNet announced the release of new crowdfunding statistics for 2015 based on a sampling of over 15,000 U.S. businesses listed on EquityNet from 2007 to present day. Judd Hollas, founder and CEO of EquityNet stated: “EquityNet has been a leader when it comes to tracking the… Read More

Elation Media Reveals Kansas’ Paul Mai Backing; Announces Series A Funding Round

Elation Media chairman Gerald Levin announced that Kansas business leader Paul Mai has taken an equity stake in the company, helping to close out the media start-up’s $150,000 seed funding round for an undisclosed amount. Levin is the former Chairman/CEO of Time Warner. He is also part of the team that founded HBO and served… Read More

Brief: EquityNet Surpassed $300M Raised by Crowdfunding Entrepreneurs

Crowdfunding platform, EquityNet, announced this week that it has surpassed $300 million in funds raised by entrepreneur members. Judd Hollas, founder and CEO of EquityNet, stated: “Once again, we’re very proud to announce the continuing growth of our platform and are delighted that so many… Read More

Bid On Energy Seeks Investment Capital Through Crowdfunding Initiative on EquityNet

Bid On Energy LLC, an energy brokering and consulting firm, is seeking investment capital from accredited investors through its EquityNet campaign. The company introduced its new reverse auction and aggregation platform for businesses in 2014. The system substantially lowers the rising cost of commercial electricity and… Read More

Fund Wisdom: Equity Crowdfunding Public Offerings Drove $278M in Angel Investing for 2014

Fund Wisdom, an equity analytics firm analyzing online equity offerings, released its first annual Investment Insight report for 2014. The report details industry-wide online private equity offerings from top investment platforms including AngelList, SeedInvest, WeFunder, Onevest, Fundable, EquityNet, Return On Change, CrowdFunder, and EarlyShares for… Read More

Convertible Loans as a Band-Aid Solution to the Valuation Problem in Equity Crowdfunding

What’s happening: the industry wants equity It’s ironic that crowdfunding makes it possible to set up companies that otherwise never would’ve come into existence, only to ruin them later by postponing the valuation issues that any start up will have to solve sooner or later…. Read More

EquityNet Offers Interactive Crowdfunding Tools

Equity crowdfunding platform EquityNet has released free interactive crowdfunding resources. The new resource center includes business valuation and risk analysis tools, interactive industry, geography, and trend charts, and a large crowdfunding glossary. EquityNet states the tools track many aspects of the business crowdfunding market using… Read More

StereoVision Imaging Raises Capital on Crowdfunder, EquityNet

Pasedena, California based SterioVision Imaging (SVI) is a 3D imaging company that has developed a patented system for binocular.  The company claims two “groundbreaking” products ready for commercialization including a wireless face recognition system with a range of 200 meters and a real time face… Read More

EquityNet Receives 2 More Crowdfunding Patents

EquityNet has announced receiving two more patents from the U.S. Patent and Trade Office.  The patents surround crowdfunding and represent the company’s fourth and fifth crowdfunding patents. Patent number 8,793,170 is titled “Electronic Enterprise Capital Marketplace Apparatus and Method” and patent number 8,793,171 is titled “Electronic System… Read More

EquityNet Founder Judd Hollas Talks Crowdfunding Innovation

Since its inception in 2005, EquityNet has operated its business crowdfunding platform; nearly a decade later,  the thriving platform has been utilized by over 42,000 individual entrepreneurs and investors, incubators, government entities, and other members of the entrepreneurial community to plan, analyze, and capitalize privately-held businesses.   Multi-patented company… Read More

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