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Decentralized: WordPress Plugin Adds Cryptocurrency Trading to Your Website

A “first-ever” crypto-exchange plugin for WordPress has been announced by the VC firm of Draper Goren Holm. The plugin is being pitched as the quickest way to launch your very own cryptocurrency exchange without a squadron of engineers to do the work (and maintain a… Read More

Ex-Googler Launches The Grid Preordering Campaign for AI Web Design Platform: Promises Sleeker Alternative to WordPress, Drag & Drop, and Wix

“Output Elegance”: Content Dictates Form on First AI Platform for Website Design, Ending Decades of Painfully Unaesthetic Site Design and Management After over three and a half years of building, the team behind the successful Kickstarter campaign NoFlo, launched The Grid today, AI software that enables… Read More

Crowdtilt Rebrands Crowdhoster As CrowdtiltOpen, Adds Host Of Features

Crowdtilt has announced the rebranding of Crowdhoster as CrowdtiltOpen today, and it packs what the platform is calling the “most robust feature set of any crowdfunding tool in the world.” A statement from Crowdtilt CEO James Bashara makes it clear both why the platform was… Read More

Brief: Shroud of the Avatar Eclipses $3 Million In Crowdfunding

Star Citizen isn’t the only video-game-related crowdfunding campaign that is running in some state of perpetuity. The lesser-known but still successful Shroud of the Avatar has taken the same approach to funding, using the IgnitionDeck WordPress plugin to facilitate pledges from the crowd. It has worked well… Read More

Thrinacia White Label Crowdfunding Software Launches Beta

Vancouver based TaskForce-1, has announced their launch of white label crowdfunding platform Thrinacia.  As they enter a competitive space, Thrinacia is differentiating their product as more of a crowdfunding engine – not just a platform.  TaskForce-1 is a very successful web development shop boasting an… Read More

IgnitionDeck To Add Feature Allowing Kickstarter Grads To Continue Crowdfunding

IgnitionDeck is an increasingly-popular WordPress plugin aimed at powering crowdfunding campaigns. For prices starting at $79, crowdfunders can buy a license for IgnitionDeck and crowdfund on their own WordPress-powered standalone web site, skipping the traditional success fees of popular crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter. IgnitionDeck is… Read More

Shroud of the Avatar Follows Star Citizen’s Lead, Crowdfunding Continues After Kickstarter

Shroud of the Avatar is taking an approach to crowdfunding that some may find familiar. First, Lord British and his team raised just short of two million dollars on Kickstarter, but that wasn’t the end of crowdfunding for the game. They later launched a standalone… Read More

IgnitionDeck Compares Crowdfunding On Their WordPress Plugin To Popular Platforms

IgnitionDeck is a popular plugin for WordPress that turns WordPress installs into fully-functioning crowdfunding platforms. It is a solution that has been used in part by Star Citizen to raise a staggering $27 million and counting. The team behind the plugin recently published an article… Read More

Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 20, 2013

Counselor@Law: Sliding scale income rules under Title III crowdfunding The Counselor@Law blog takes an interesting look at the pros and cons involved with setting yearly maximums on non-accredited investors for the purposes of Title III crowdfunding. “Implementing and verifying that the annual cap (across all… Read More

$23 MILLION, And Star Citizen Still Doesn’t Get The Credit It Deserves

We’re going to unabashedly scream it from the mountaintops: Star Citizen is one of – if not the – biggest crowdfunding stories we’ve seen since we’ve launched this site more than a year ago, and it doesn’t get the attention or credit it deserves. The… Read More

Filmmakers Crowdfunding Edward Snowden Documentary, Accepting Bitcoins

Classified: The Edward Snowden Story promises to be a dramatic biopic covering the life and times of now-ubiquitous NSA leaker Edward Snowden, and the project is crowdfunding on a custom, WordPress-and-IgnitionDeck-powered crowdfunding solution. “Classified: The Edward Snowden Story” is a biopic that will tell the… Read More

Protos Eyewear Creates Kickstarter Widget for WordPress

Protos Eyewear, currently running a self crowdfunding campaign using CrowdHoster, has developed a WordPress widget which allows users to follow crowdfunding progress for their Kickstarter campaign on their web site.  Protos’ current crowdfunding campaign is for their 3D printed custom glasses. Protos created the wordpress… Read More

Team Behind Video Game ‘Precinct’ Cancels Second Crowdfunding Campaign

Earlier this month we brought you the story of Precinct, a video game that had a cancelled Kickstarter campaign to its name. The team behind the game had turned to WordPress crowdfunding plugin IgnitionDeck in order to roll their own funding platform solution. The team… Read More

Precinct Crowdfunding On WordPress, IgnitionDeck After Failed Kickstarter

Precinct was a video game crowdfunding on Kickstarter. I say “was” because the campaign has since been shut down after the project creators realized that there was little hope of the campaign meeting its funding goal. Now the team has rolled their own crowdfunding solution… Read More

Franklin WordPress Theme For Crowdfunding Sites Released

WordPress developers Studio 164a have released their fourth WordPress theme on Themeforest, and this one is geared specifically for bootstrapped crowdfunding platforms running WordPress and the increasingly popular (and free) Astoundify crowdfunding plugin. The Franklin theme professes to be fully responsive, so it should display nicely… Read More

Is This Kickstarter Project the Future of Blogging?

Ghost, an open-source blogging platform that hopes to shake up the personal publishing space, is nearing the end of its Kickstarter journey. Almost a month ago, Ghost launched with what seemed like an audacious goal: Raise £25,000 to help create a new web platform dedicated to publishing…. Read More

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