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Test Versions of Mozilla Firefox Browsers Now Include Anti-Tracking and Anti-Cryptojacking Features

Mozilla, the software company behind popular free web browser Firefox, is confronting the increasingly relevant problems of online privacy-intrusion and cryptojacking by releasing a test version of enhanced Firefox software that blocks these activities. “To combat these threats,” writes Mozilla, “we are pleased to announce new… Read More

Karma Launches Out Of Private Beta to Transform Trust & Reliability In Peer-To-Peer Marketplaces

Karma, a platform that makes it easy to determine the reliability of people online through the use of its Karma Score, is launching out of private and into public beta today. The Karma Score’s unique algorithm makes it an ideal benchmark for the peer-to-peer community. With… Read More

Kickstarter Alum Matchstick Announces 6-Month Delay to Backers

Back in October, Kickstarter-success Matchstick, the streaming stick for Firefox, finished its run on the crowdfunding platform and raised $470,310 from 17,218 backers. The company announced that the finished product would be shipped in February 2015 and the wait began. Unfortunately, the Matchstick team has… Read More

On Indiegogo: Dark Wallet Wants To Be Your Browser’s Bitcoin Bank

Bitcoin has made some serious waves as a digital currency in the past year. Now an outfit called unSYSTEM is seeking to crowdfund $50,000 in order to fund four months of full-time work to finish development and testing on a new Bitcoin storage and sharing solution,… Read More

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