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Better Home and Finance Announces Closing of Business Combination, Better to Become Publicly Traded Company

Better HoldCo, Inc.  and Aurora Acquisition Corp., a special purpose acquisition company , announced the closing of the previously announced business combination that results in the creation of Better Home & Finance Holding Company, “a publicly traded company with Class A common stock and warrants… Read More

SPACs at Four Year Low for IPOs

SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies, are at a four-year low for initial public offerings (IPOs), according to S&P Global Market Intelligence. SPACs hit a quarterly high in the number of offerings in Q1 of 2021. For deal amounts, SPACs topped $92 billion that same… Read More

Bitcoin Depot, GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp. Confirm Closing of Business Combination

Lux Vending, LLC dba Bitcoin Depot, a U.S.-based Bitcoin ATM operator and fintech company, and GSR II Meteora Acquisition Corp. (NASDAQ: GSRM), a special purpose acquisition company, announced the successful closing of their previously announced business combination. The Business Combination was “approved at a special… Read More

Audit Firm Marcum Hit with SEC Charges Regarding SPACs

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has filed an enforcement action against audit firm Marcum LLP regarding its audit work for “hundreds” of SPACs. Marcum has settled the matter without admitting or denying the SEC’s findings, paying a $10 million penalty while agreeing to remedial… Read More

SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee Has Made a Lot of Recommendations to Support SMEs, but the Commission Has Ignored them All

  The SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee (SBCFAC) was created by Congress in recognition that smaller firms too frequently did not garner the support they need. The Committee formally provides feedback to the Commission and, ostensibly, the SEC should be reviewing and pursuing… Read More

Doug Ellenoff of Law Firm EGS, Shares 2023 Expectations for SPACs, Securities Crowdfunding and More

Doug Ellenoff, the managing partner of Ellenoff, Grossman, and Schole (EGS) – a Manhattan-based law firm, has been a supporter of innovation in financial services for many years now. A staunch proponent of the JOBS Act of 2012 before it became law, Ellenoff is a… Read More

SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee Tells Commission to Add Sophistication Option for Accredited Investor Qualification, Cautions on Undermining Reg D, More

  The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee (SBCFAC), has posted two letters advising the Commission on key policy goals that impact capital formation, especially for smaller – private firms. The Committee is the creation of the SEC Small Business… Read More

Retreat: SPACs Decline Dramatically Versus Exhuberant Activity in 2021

SPACs, or special purpose acquisition companies, boomed in 2021. This year, the story is rather different. According to data compiled by S&P Global Market Intelligence, through Q3 2022, there have been 78 SPAC initial public offerings (IPOs). This compares to 444 for the nine-month period… Read More

SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee Tells Commission to Make SPACs Work

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee (SBCFAC), is telling the Commission to help SPACs [Special Purposed Acquisition Companies] work – not shut them down by over-regulating. Posted last month, in a letter to Chairman Gary Gensler, the SBCFAC stated:… Read More

SPACs: Plastiq to Become Publicly Traded Firm via Combination with Colonnade Acquisition Corp. II

Plastiq Inc., the B2B payment platform powering the small and midsize business economy, and Colonnade Acquisition Corp. II (NYSE: CLAA) a publicly traded special purpose acquisition company,  announced that they have “entered into a definitive agreement and plan of merger.” The combined company will “continue… Read More

Goldman Sachs Dials Back on SPACs

SPACs, once red hot topping the traditional IPO market, have dimmed in recent months as the Securities and Exchange Commission has proposed new rules that may make the financing vehicle less viable. Today, the most prominent investment bank in the US, Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS), has… Read More

SPAC Market Cools in 2022, Meanwhile the SEC Has Proposed New Rules that May Undermine SPACs Further

Last year was a big one for the SPAC [special purpose acquisition company] market. Reportedly, 613 SPAC offerings were floated on an exchange easily topping 420 traditional initial public offerings. Since the beginning of 2022, SPAC offerings have slowed to around 62 so far. SPACs… Read More

SEC Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee will Discuss SPACs, Climate Disclosure under ESG Push

The Securities and Exchange Commission’s Small Business Capital Formation Advisory Committee (SBCFAC) has scheduled a meeting to discuss two specific topics: SPACs or Special Purpose Acquisition Companies and Climate Disclosure. The meeting will take place on Friday, May 6, 2022. According to a statement by… Read More

Fintech Insights Report for Q1 from FT Partners Says It’s Set to be Another Record Year for Fintechs

FT Partners recently shared their Q1 2022 Fintech Insights Report. As noted in the update from FT Partners, it has been a record year for financing in Fintech. The firm is internationally known for its expertise in the Fintech industry. FT Partners has associations with… Read More

SPACs: Global Blockchain Acquisition Corp Submits IPO Application

Blank-check company Global Blockchain Acquisition Corp. has reportedly filed for a $150M initial public offering (IPO) on Wednesday (April 20, 2022). The firm’s management noted that they plan to focus its search for an initial business combination on blockchain or DLT-related technology, economy, industries and… Read More

SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce Dissents on SPAC Proposal as Designed to “Stop SPACs in their Tracks”

  SEC Commissioner Hester Peirce has posted a dissenting opinion regarding the rule proposal addressing SPACs. As was previously reported, the Securities and Exchange Commission has issued a 372-page proposal for new rules pertaining to Special Purpose Acquisition companies [SPACs]. SEC Chairman Gary Gensler described… Read More

SEC Proposes New Rules Impacting SPACs

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued a statement proposing new rules impacting Special Purpose Acquisition companies or SPACs. The recent rise in the number of SPACs being utilized to bring a company public with less disclosure than a traditional initial public offering has… Read More

Perspective: Unpacking Venture’s Virtuous Circle

With a new SPAC launched seemingly every day and IPOs popping left and right, it might seem like the public markets are the place to be. Although following that path to liquidity might make sense for some companies, that’s just not the case for most… Read More

SPACs Have Big Year in 2021. What’s Next for 2022?

Doug Ellenoff of Ellenoff, Grossman and Schole Shares Insight into Booming SPAC Market. Special purpose Acquisition Companies or SPACs had a blowout year in 2021.  While the financing vehicle has been around for decades, in recent years SPACs have rocketed in popularity. SPACs are an… Read More

SEC Chairman Gary Gensler Posts Video Slamming SPACs

SPACS, or special purpose acquisition companies, have had a gangbuster year boosting the number of initial public offerings that have taken place. While SPACs have been around for many years, in recent times the vehicles have surged in popularity as a shortened path to take… Read More

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