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Kraken to Slash Employee Count by 1100 Individuals

Kraken, the third largest crypto exchange according to Coinmarketcap, has decided to reduce its workforce by 1100 employees representing approximately 30% of its headcount. The reduction in employees was revealed in a blog post today by Kraken CEO and co-founder Jesse Powell. Powell said the… Read More

Digital Asset Firm Kraken Claims its Committed to Ensuring Transparency and Trust

Given the current discussion regarding solvency, the team at Kraken wanted to explain the systems they have in place “to ensure that assets on [their] exchange are readily available to you at any time and especially during times of uncertainty.” First, it is important to… Read More

Kraken CEO Jesse Powell to be Replaced by COO Dave Ripley

Kraken, a top five crypto exchange operating in the US, has announced that Kraken CEO Jesse Powell will step down and be replaced by current COO Dave Ripley. In a blog post, Kraken explained that after a “rigorous” search Ripley was selected for the CEO… Read More

Anti-Woke: Kraken CEO Offers Severance to Intolerant Employees

Jesse Powell, CEO of crypto exchange Kraken, has taken to Twitter to defend Kraken’s recent culture statement that attempted to be inclusive of everyone’s beliefs but apparently offended woke-leaning employees. Powell said that during “heated debates” about 20 people out of 3200 were not on… Read More

Digital Asset Firm Kraken Appoints Carrie Dolan as Chief Financial Officer

The team at digital assets firm Kraken is pleased to welcome Carrie Dolan, who is a recognized financial services veteran ‘in high-growth consumer Fintechs and Fortune 500 companies, as Kraken’s newly appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO).” Carrie will be expected to serve a key role… Read More

Kraken to Distribute $10M in Aid to Customers Affected by Russia-Ukraine Crisis

In order to support victims of the unprovoked Russian invasion of Ukraine, digital asset firm Kraken is preparing an aid package distributing more than $10 million “directly to affected clients.” Beginning on March 10, 2022, and running until July 1, 2022, Kraken customers who created… Read More

Digital Asset Firm Kraken Acquires Staked to Promote Growth and Resilience

Kraken, which claims to be one of the largest digital asset platforms, announced it has acquired Staked for “an undisclosed sum.” Staked is described as a non-custodial staking platform that “enables investors in Proof-of-Stake networks to easily and securely compound their holdings.” According to an… Read More

Digital Asset Firm Kraken to Fund Open-Source Rust Bitcoin (BTC) Development

Digital assets firm Kraken is pleased to confirm that they’ve made a commitment to fund Bitcoin’s (BTC) open-source Rust development ecosystem. As mentioned in a blog post by Kraken: “In memory of late Bitcoin Rust contributor and former Kraken employee, Tamás Blummer, our internal Tamás… Read More

UK Based Crypto Facilities, a Regulated Crypto Trading and Derivative Platform, is Acquired by Kraken

Kraken, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in operation, has acquired UK based Crypto Facilities, according to a release by Crypto Derivatives. The exact terms of the deal were not disclosed but the two companies said it was a “nine-figure deal” and Kraken’s largest acquisition… Read More

Kraken Crypto Exchange Seeking Private Equity Investors

Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, one of the largest and longest-established crypto exchanges in the US, is offering private equity shares of the company to accredited investors for a minimum investment of $100 000. Kraken sent an email soliciting equity contributions this week to “our most valued… Read More

CFTC Subpoenas Four Crypto Exchanges in Bitcoin Market Manipulation Probe, Cryptocurrencies in the Red

As part of a probe examining possible manipulation in Bitcoin markets, the regulator responsible for overseeing futures and commodity trading in the US has subpoenaed four American cryptocurrency exchanges to produce volumes of trade data, WSJ reported Friday June 8th. Top cryptocurrencies have since turned red as this… Read More

Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange Refuses to Cooperate in New York Attorney General’s Inquiry

The CEO of San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, Jesse Powell, has fired back at a letter from the New York Attorney General’s office asking cryptocurrency exchanges to provide detailed information on their business practices within two weeks. The 34-point request for info was sent to… Read More

Cryptocurrencies are Here to Stay: Dubai Has Spoken

“Is the future of cryptocurrencies gold or dust?” That million-BTC question was debated at one of the sessions of the recent World Government Summit – a “Davos forum” based in Dubai which is often called the City of the Future. More than 4,000 participants from… Read More

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