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Investor Advisory Committee Reviews Crowdfunding Recommendations (Video)

The Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting was held last week on April 10th at the SEC.  The agenda, previously published, indicated the IAC would address retail crowdfunding and review their recommendations as part of the rule making process. The meeting started with SEC Chair Mary… Read More

SEC Commissioner Aguilar Talks Crowdfunding, JOBS Act in Speech to NASAA

In a speech given today to the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) at their annual conference held in Washington, DC, SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar addressed the hot topic of the JOBS Act and some of the exemptions regarding crowdfunding. The NASAA has been… Read More

SEC Commissioner Aguilar Gives Speech on Stronger Enforcement

In a speech given this past Friday by SEC Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar, the most senior of the SEC’s current batch of commissioners discusses the importance of SEC enforcement and their mandate for investor protection.  Aguilar has been known as the “Enforcement Commissioner”.  He expresses… Read More

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