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Who is Against Expanding the Definition of an Accredited Investor?

It should be obvious to most everyone that the current definition of an Accredited Investor not only disenfranchises the vast majority of the population it is not really an effective proxy to evaluate an individual’s ability to assess risk and the opportunity affiliated with private… Read More

SEC Investor Advocate Publishes Annual Report (Document)

The relatively new office of the Investor Advocate has published its annual report.  The SEC was mandated to create the Investor Advocate as part of Dodd-Frank.  Rick Fleming, previously an attorney with  NASAA, was appointed  as the Commission’s first IA. This is the second annual… Read More

SEC Office of Investor Advocate Publishes Goals for 2016

The Office of the Investor Advocate is a relatively new addition to the Securities and Exchange Commission. Its creation was mandated by Dodd-Frank which was enacted in 2010.  This new regulatory role is required by statute to file two separate reports each year: A report on… Read More

SEC Investor Advisory Committee Scheduled to Meet in April. Will Review Recommendations of SME Committee

The SEC Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) has scheduled their next gathering at F Street in DC to be held on April 9th.  The group is ostensibly an advocate on behalf of all investors but has a tendency to be more on the side of protection as opposed… Read More

Intrastate Crowdfunding at Risk

Has Intrastate Crowdfunding in Washington State Been Washed Out by NASAA and the SEC? On May 5, 2014, I published an article in Crowdfund Insider highlighting recent informal “rulemaking” at the SEC Division of Corporation Finance, which in my opinion quietly dampened the efforts of… Read More

SEC Investor Advocate Submits Inaugural Report to Congress

The Office of Investor Advocate (IA), a new role mandated by Dodd-Frank, has submitted its inaugural report to Congress.  In February of this year, SEC Chair Mary Jo White appointed Rick A. Fleming as the first Investor Advocate for the SEC. Fleming, a well known… Read More

Investor Advisory Committee Reviews Crowdfunding Recommendations (Video)

The Investor Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting was held last week on April 10th at the SEC.  The agenda, previously published, indicated the IAC would address retail crowdfunding and review their recommendations as part of the rule making process. The meeting started with SEC Chair Mary… Read More

SEC Chair Mary Jo White Addresses Retail Investor Protection

In a speech delivered today to the Consumer Federation of America, Securities and Exchange Commission Chair Mary Jo White addressed the needs of protecting the consumer in the securities markets. White mentions the recent appointment of Rick Fleming as the agency’s head in the new… Read More

Deputy General Counsel of NASAA is Named to Lead SEC’s Investor Advocate Office

Rick Fleming Currently at North American Securities Administration Association (NASAA) Slated to Become Investor Advocate this Month. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has appointed Rick A. Fleming to become the first head of the agency’s Office of the Investor Advocate.  As the Investor Advocate,… Read More

Senate Hearing On JOBS Act: Neiss, Fleming Spar Over Cost Of Capital

Yesterday the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs held a hearing entitled “The JOBS Act At A Year And A Half: Assessing Progress And Unmet Opportunities.” It was set to be a particularly interesting hearing because of the panel, which included… Read More

NASAA Deputy General Counsel Rick Fleming Testimony for Senate Banking Committee

Rick Fleming, Deputy General Counsel for the North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) – a group which represents state and provincial securities regulators, presented at the US Senate Committee on Banking, Housing & Urban Affairs today.  The NASAA views their members as the first line… Read More

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