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SEC Nominees Could Be First Up at Senate Banking Committee When it Reconvenes

While the Obama Administration appointed two new SEC commissioners this past fall, not too much has happened to move forward on the nominations.  Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby has come under some recent criticism for moving slowly in the approval process as the SEC… Read More

SEC Commissioner Aguilar Reflects on Many Years of Service

Outgoing Commissioner Luis Aguilar recently published commentary reflecting upon his many years of service at the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Aguilar is one of the longest serving Commissioners ever and was uniquely appointed by both a Democrat and Republican President.  He follows Commissioner Gallagher‘s departure… Read More

Parting Words: SEC Commissioner Thanks Presidents Obama & Bush for the Opportunity to Serve

SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar posted his statement of departure earlier today reaffirming his intent to leave the agency he has served as a Commissioner since 2008.  He departs as having the 8th longest tenure as Commissioner and one of only three appointed by two different… Read More

Title III Crowdfunding: Talking About a Revolution

What took place this morning is nothing short of revolutionary. For the first time in the history of the Securities and Exchange Commission (82 years), retail investors (ordinary people without income, wealth or sophistication qualifications) will be able to invest in private businesses en mass…. Read More

LOOKING FOR THE EXIT – Commissioner Aguilar Presses On The Need For Greater Secondary Market Liquidity 

Earlier this month, Commissioner Luis A. Aguilar addressed the Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies in Washing D.C. In his speech (embedded below), Commissioner Aguilar echoed the sentiments of the market in arguing the need for increased liquidity in the private placement market. His… Read More

Commissioner Aguilar Sets Goals: “The Commission Should Adopt Final Rules..”

While SEC Chair presented a state of SEC type presentation, Commissioner Aguilar has jumped in and put some more meat on the bones.  Speaking at the annual Practicing Law Institute gathering, Aguilar set forth his perceived goals for the SEC for 2015. While touching base… Read More

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