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Elad Roisman Nominated by President Trump to Fill Commissioner Vacancy at SEC

Current Senate staffer Elad Roisman has been selected to fill the vacancy as a Commissioner at the Securities and Exchange Commission. President Trump nominated Roisman last Friday to replace Commissioner Michael Piwowar who announced earlier this year he will be departing the SEC this summer…. Read More

The SEC, the ICO and Avoiding the ICU: A Call for Leadership and Action

As a securities lawyer and a sometimes advocate for smart regulation of capital formation, I must confess: When it comes to addressing the current state of the Initial Coin Offering (ICO) marketplace, I believe that market participants face a crisis of growing proportions. No Hype… Read More

Jay Clayton to Join SEC During Unprecedented Need to “Cut the Red Tape”

Financial regulations are often enacted with little concrete definition, to say nothing of quantification, of their costs and benefits. Regulators and economists have little understanding of causal mechanisms that may provide benefits and incur costs. Worse, they often think they know cause and effect, either… Read More

Former SEC Commissioner Dan Gallagher Joins Board of Blockchain Company Symbiont

Symbiont, a blockchain technology company, has boosted its board with the appointment of former SEC Commissioner Dan Gallagher and President of T. Rowe Price Global Investment Services President Todd Ruppert. Symbiont already has a pretty solid Board of Directors as former New York Stock Exchange CEO… Read More

Micro Offering Bill Gains Support of National Small Business Association and Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council

A new bill seeking to improve access to capital for small business is making its way through Congress right now. The “Micro Lending Safe Harbor Act”, sponsored by Congressman Tom Emmer, has captured some solid endorsements as both the National Small Business Association and the Small Business… Read More

Letter: Financial Stability Board to Evaluate “Systemic Risk” Posed by Fintech Innovation

The Financial Stability Board seeks to evaluate the potential for systemic risk posed by emerging innovations in financial technology, a move which may mark the beginning of the end to the regulatory advantages enjoyed by fintech firms operating at the fringes of the financial services sector, according… Read More

SEC Nominees Could Be First Up at Senate Banking Committee When it Reconvenes

While the Obama Administration appointed two new SEC commissioners this past fall, not too much has happened to move forward on the nominations.  Senate Banking Committee Chairman Richard Shelby has come under some recent criticism for moving slowly in the approval process as the SEC… Read More

Dan Gallagher, Former SEC Commissioner, Joins Patomak Global Partners

Patomak Global Partners has announced that Daniel Gallagher has joined their global consultancy. He will responsible for strategic initiatives, client service, and overseeing firm operations as President of the company. Patomak is a consulting group for international and domestic corporations and financial services firms. The… Read More

Exit: SEC’s Dan Gallagher – Enter: The Crowdfunders!

  Are Final JOBS Act Crowdfunding Rules Truly Upon Us? It’s been too long since I graced the pages of Crowdfund Insider with one of my many missives – or as some at the SEC might say: missiles.  Well, since Regulation A+ went live in… Read More

Last Day: SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher Says Goodbye

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher said farewell to agency he has called his professional home for so many years. A true champion of small business and rational regulation, Gallagher published a final note as  he ended one chapter and prepared to start a new one. In… Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher: Commission Should Provide Written Responses to ACSEC Committee Recommendations

Outgoing SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher presented a statement at the opening of the SEC Advisory Committee on Small and Emerging Companies (ACSEC).  Gallagher lauded the group’s commitment, energy and dedication over the past two years calling the members work “critical in helping to bring forward… Read More

When Will Retail Crowdfunding Arrive? “Very Near Term”

As 2015 enters Q4, and the days grow shorter, time is running out for final rules regarding Title III of the JOBS Act, otherwise known as retail crowdfunding. During most of 2014, Chair White stated completion of JOBS Act rules were a priority, raising hope… Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher: Thank You For Your Thick Skin

It was bittersweet walking into Commissioner Daniel Gallagher’s office for the first and last time. He has been a true champion for small business and access to capital and we all owe him a debt of gratitude. It was also wholly appropriate that the amazing… Read More

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher to Depart Commission by October 2nd

Securities and Exchange Commissioner Daniel Gallagher announced in a brief statement today that he intends on departing the SEC no later than October 2nd.  His term was not set to expire until 2016. Gallagher submitted his resignation to President Obama in May of 2015 but… Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher: Dodd-Frank has Failed. It is Strangling the Economy.

In what may be his last speech as an SEC Commissioner, Daniel Gallagher addressed the US Chamber of Commerce and criticized parts of the SEC, and much of the new world order of regulatory over-sight.   Gallagher scorched Dodd-Frank as a grandiose plan that has increased the fragility of… Read More

Commissioner Gallagher: Congress Gave the SEC an Impossible Task with Dodd Frank (Video)

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher has consistently criticized the “Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act” – otherwise affectionately know as Dodd-Frank.  It should come to no surprise to anyone who has operated inside the beltway that Dodd-Frank has accomplished little except to bog down the… Read More

Regulatory Morass: A Visual Depiction of the Convoluted Financial Sector Rules (Infographic)

SEC Commissioner Daniel Gallagher has completed the final update of his “crazy quilt” chart of regulations that smother financial services firms.  It is a wonder that anyone working in the financial sector does anything else but review and comply with mandatory rules.  And these are… Read More

Moving On: Commissioner Daniel Gallagher Expected to Depart SEC After Four Years

One of the most vocal advocates for small business and rational rule making is leaving the Securities and Exchange Commission.  Daniel Gallagher, an SEC Commissioner for the past four years, has reportedly told multiple people he is ready to move on after a vocal tenure… Read More

SEC Commissioner Gallagher: International Financial Stability Board “The Height of Regulatory Hubris”

In a world of growing governmental over-reach it is rare to find a regulator who wants to do less not more.  But it makes sense. Budgets are made, and funding allocated, based on predicted needs of tomorrow not the reality of last year. Legislators make rules… Read More

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