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Startup Survey: 97% Want to Invest in Early Stage Companies

Equity crowdfunding platform Quire partnered with mattermark a few weeks back on a survey asking individuals if they would be interested in investing in early stage companies.  The results are telling. Today, the vast majority of the population has been excluded from investing in startups… Read More

Startup Survey: Quire Wants Everyone to Be Free to Invest

Most people are not even aware there is a dividing line between who is allowed to invest in pre-IPO companies and who may not. A travesty of rule making, today investors are measured by the size of their bank account – and not the caliber… Read More

Mattermark Ranks FundersClub Second For VC Portfolio Momentum

Here’s an eye opener… This is a ranking of portfolio momentum among major VC firms. Second on the list: online venture capital firm FundersClub. That’s some impressive growth. Here’s an explanation of the meaning of this extrapolation from Mattermark’s blog… Firms receive points based on an average… Read More

FundersClub’s Unrealized IRR Estimate Demonstrates Potential In Private Marketplace

FundersClub is just a little over 18 months old now. The equity crowdfunding platform for accredited investors has just published its first report on unrealized net Internal Rate of Return (IRR), and the numbers are telling. First, note that FundersClub is realistic about this data;… Read More

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