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Syndicate Room Claims First UK Crowdfunding Offer to Generate Accessible Returns for Investors

Mill Residential not only became the first REIT to raise funding on an equity crowdfunding site but it is claiming the first crowdfunding investment to generate accessible returns for investors with its speedy listing on the London Stock Exchange AIM. Crowdfunding on Syndicate Room, Mill… Read More

First Crowdfunded REIT, Mill Residential, Sees Shares Pop on AIM

As reported earlier this week, Mill Residential became the first successfully crowdfunded REIT to publicly trade shares on the LSE’s AIM market.  The company raised capital on Syndicate Room with the intent of listing soon after the offer closed on the equity crowdfunding platform.  According… Read More

Mill Residential REIT Fully Funds on Syndicate Room as Platform Tops £15 Million in Crowdfunding

Mill Residential REIT, the very first Real Estate Investment Trust to publicly crowdfund, has fully funded on Syndicate Room.  The offer sought to raise £2.1 million for the funding round. The offer has now closed having raised £2,225,520 from 72 investors.  Investors using the Syndicate… Read More

Syndicate Room Rebrands; Offers First REIT Investment That Expects to Publicly Trade

Amidst a recent site redesign that delivered a cleaner look to the fast growing investment crowdfunding platform, Syndicate Room has announced an industry “first” by offering shares in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).  The offer is expected to list on a UK stock exchange… Read More

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