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Former Crowdfunding Platform Syndicate Room Receives £10 Million Commitment from British Business Bank for Investments

British Business Investments has committed £10 million to Syndicate Room. British Business Investments is a subsidiary of the British Business Bank. Syndicate Room was previously an investment crowdfunding platform that has since migrated to a fund model. According to a noted from Syndicate Room, the… Read More

Seedrs, GrowthDeck, & Syndicate Room Named Growth Investor Awards 2017 Finalists

On Friday organizers of the Growth Investor Awards announced Seedrs and Syndicate Room two of the finalists for the upcoming 2017 event. As previously reported, the Growth Investor Awards notably celebrates the role of the UK SME fund management community in both job and wealth creation. It also recognizes… Read More

Bank of England Cuts Rates: Alternative Finance Leaders Respond

  The Bank of England (BoE) has cut its benchmark rate by 0.25% – the first time in 7 years. The pound quickly moved lower reacting to the announcement. The move was telegraphed several weeks back in reaction to Brexit fallout. The interest rate cut… Read More

‘Salty,’ A Film by Hollywood Director Simon West, Completes Equity Crowdfunding on UK’s SyndicateRoom. It’s a £1.8 Million Overfunding Wrap.

Wrapping up £1.8 million-plus in funding for “Salty,” a new film by director Simon West, of ‘The Expendables 2″ (2012) and “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” (2001), Hollywood takes a trip to the UK. The equity crowdfunding campaign for “Salty” marks the first time that retail investors worldwide will be able to… Read More

Investiere Publishes List of Top 5 European Investment Crowdfunding Platforms

Switzerland based Investiere has published as list of the top 5 investment crowdfunding platforms based on total funding volume.  The rankings were released earlier this month.  Investiere only included platforms that publicly publish data on their site so platforms like Seedrs and SyndicateRoom, two leading… Read More

Venomtech: Using Venom to Create Drugs That Heal

A surprising chain of related facts: Gila monster lizards have poisonous saliva. A drug derived from it, Exenatide, acts like a natural hormone, helping diabetes patients produce their own insulin. And Venomtech is the first UK company to sell venoms in a form tailored for use by drug discovery companies, so that they… Read More

First Crowdfunded REIT, Mill Residential, Sees Shares Pop on AIM

As reported earlier this week, Mill Residential became the first successfully crowdfunded REIT to publicly trade shares on the LSE’s AIM market.  The company raised capital on Syndicate Room with the intent of listing soon after the offer closed on the equity crowdfunding platform.  According… Read More

Mill Residential REIT Fully Funds on Syndicate Room as Platform Tops £15 Million in Crowdfunding

Mill Residential REIT, the very first Real Estate Investment Trust to publicly crowdfund, has fully funded on Syndicate Room.  The offer sought to raise £2.1 million for the funding round. The offer has now closed having raised £2,225,520 from 72 investors.  Investors using the Syndicate… Read More

Syndicate Room Rebrands; Offers First REIT Investment That Expects to Publicly Trade

Amidst a recent site redesign that delivered a cleaner look to the fast growing investment crowdfunding platform, Syndicate Room has announced an industry “first” by offering shares in a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT).  The offer is expected to list on a UK stock exchange… Read More

Syndicate Room Explains Investing in the Simon West Film “Salty”

Equity crowdfunding platform Syndicate Room has shared an interesting depiction as to how investors in a film may enjoy some healthy returns.  Of course this is all predicated on the fact the film is a decent production (although we all know a lot of bad… Read More

Oval Medical Technologies Turns to SyndicateRoom to Raise Funds for Auto-Injectors

UK-based Oval Medical Technologies has developed a unique solution: a self-injector that’s small and easy to use, especially by patients suffer from Trypanophobia, a fear of needles and injections or those with limited dexterity A revolutionary needle lock-out system ensures the needle is always hidden and… Read More

Pulsar’s LED Lighting Burnishes Syndicate Room, Quickly Raising 59% of Equity Crowdfunding Campaign Goal

Pulsar Capitalizes on Fast Growing LED Industry. It’s an exciting time for Pulsar, a well-established UK-based manufacturer of LED lighting, which has raised over £356,000 in its equity crowdfunding campaign on Syndicate Room.  A significant portion of funds raised to date, £250,000,  has notably been… Read More

Weapon-Detector Firm Hits £700k Crowdfunding Goal on SyndicateRoom

The makers of the first security scanner able to detect plastic firearms made on a 3D printer have successfully sold £700,000 in shares of their business through the equity crowdfunding platform SyndicateRoom. Radio Physics Solutions (RPS), which designs security scanners, bomb and weapons detectors for law… Read More

Time for Medicine Now Overfunding on Syndicate Room

We originally reported on Time for Medicine this past March as the crowdfunding campaign on Syndicate Room quickly captured interest from investors. The University Hospital of Wales spin out that uses web and cloud technology to bring specialist diagnoses and treatments directly to the homes… Read More

Brief: 4NRg is Raising Equity on SyndicateRoom

4NRg just launched their crowdfunding offer on SyndicateRoom and they are already 52% completed.  The unique business is raising £240,000 for a 30% stake in the company.  4NRg is a portfolio business that invests in patentable renewable energy and disaster relief engineering businesses.  4NRg brings… Read More

APTA Biosciences Funding Round to Close Sunday After Raising £1.6 Million

They Syndicate Room has had a growing number of Health / BioTech equity crowdfunding offerings run through their platform.  Recently they launched a campaign to raise capital for Time for Medicine which has quickly jumped to over 50% funded.  Now they have announced that Apta… Read More

Captive Media Raises Over £250K For Interactive Urinals

Captive Media is a startup aimed at bringing the “world’s first contact-free, networked, interactive washroom media system” to market. In a nutshell, they make an interactive urinal system. The group raised over £250,000 in an equity play on UK-based Syndicate Room. Their pre-money valuation was… Read More

Syndicate Funding 2.0: the investment model that brings crowdfunding and Business Angels together

A new model of finance was unveiled at the Great British Private Investor Summit on 19th March: Syndicate Funding 2.0. Based on the concept of allowing crowdfunders to co-invest alongside Business Angels, the model is supported by an online platform called Syndicate Room, which will… Read More

Anglia Ruskin Univsersity (ARU) backs new equity crowdfunding site for startups

Anglia Ruskin University is backing a new equity crowdfunding business for investing into technology startups, potentially making business angels out of anyone with between £500 and £100,000 going spare. Founded by Gonçalo de Vasconcelos and Yutaro Kojim, the Syndicate Room web site says startup investment does not… Read More

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