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Listen: Zach Braff Reflects on “Wish I Was Here” Kickstarter

Nearly one year after Kickstarter success Wish I Was Here was released, Zach Braff sat down to reflect on the crowdfunding campaign. The Wish I Was Here  campaign launched on the crowdfunding giant’s platform in 2013 and captured $3.1 million from over 46,000 backers. Its synopsis reads: “A struggling actor,… Read More

Update: “Range 15 Movie” Nears $700,000 During the Final Days on Indiegogo

With less than two days until its Indiegogo campaign comes to an end, military film Range 15 has successfully raised nearly $700,000 from over 5,900 backers. As previously reported, the creators, which are nine veterans, behind new movie took to the crowdfunding platform with a mission to raise $325,000 for the… Read More

“Bob’s Burger” Writer Wendy Molyneux Jokingly Launches GoFundMe Campaign to See “Entourage” Movie For Cancer Charity

Despite her loathing for the HBO series Entourage, Wendy Molyneux, the writer of Bob’s Burger has launched a GoFundMe campaign with a mission to see the show’s upcoming film. Molyneux set up the campaign with a goal to raise $10,000, which would force her to “see the worst movie of the year and… Read More

Gosnell Production Team Names Nick Searcy Director; Asks For More Funds

Ready to started on the film Gosnell, the production team of the highly anticipated Indiegogo-funded project has announced that Justified star, Nick Seary, has taken the role as its director. Last year, producer Phelim McAleer, and his wife, Ann McElhinney launched the campaign on the global crowdfunding platform,… Read More

Parks & Recreation’s Jim O’Heir Takes To Kickstarter With New Violent Comedy Middle Man

His days on Parks & Recreations may be over, but now actor Jim O’Heir is ready to bring his next project to life. The 53-year-old actor took to Kickstarter earlier this month seeking funds for the upcoming violent comedy, Middle Man. Per its synopsis, Middle Man is a… Read More

Brief: Spike Lee’s “Da Sweet Blood of Jesus” Is Now Available on Vimeo On Demand

On Tuesday (January 13th), Spike Lee announced that his Kickstarter-success film, Da Sweet Blood of Jesus, is now available through Vimeo on Demand. This big news comes just a few weeks before the film’s theatrical release date. As previously reported, Lee hit the global crowdfunding platform to raise $1,250,000 for his… Read More

“Grey’s Anatomy” Alum Sandra Oh Hits Indiegogo To Raise $130,000 For New Animated Film

On Monday (October 27th), former Grey’s Anatomy star, Sandra Oh, and filmmaker, Ann Marie Fleming, teamed up to launch a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo for a new animated film called, Window Horses.  According to its campaign website, Window Horses is a story about Chinese-Canadian poet, Rosie Ming, and her visit… Read More

This Aaron Swartz Documentary Looks Amazing

My Netflix viewing history would tell you I’m a documentary nut. Color me excited, because this Kickstarter campaign aims to create a documentary about Aaron Swartz’s life and death and it looks fantastic. The video above is 10 minutes long, but the last 7 or… Read More

Zach Braff Launches Kickstarter For Follow Up To “Garden State”

Zach Braff is perhaps most famous for his prominent role on the hit TV show “Scrubs,” but he also wrote and directed “Garden State.” The 2004 movie which also featured Natalie Portman won various awards, including a Grammy for best soundtrack. It is now a… Read More

‘Chuck’ Kickstarter Movie Already Moving Forward?

Only twelve days into its thirty-day campaign and the ‘Veronica Mars’ Kickstarter movie project has nearly doubled its projected goal, creating a high benchmark for the next TV series to attempt funding from a crowd-sourcing campaign. While a number of TV creators and stars have proposed Kickstarter… Read More

Why is Film & Video so popular on Kickstarter?

To date $90.74 million has been raised on Kickstarter in the film & video category, making it the largest category in terms of funds raised. Projects in this category have had a 39% success rate and comprise 21.8% market share of the 13 categories listed… Read More

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