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Netherlands based Virtual Bank Fibr Launches Operations to Support SME Lending Across European Markets

FIBR, the connected virtual banking platform, has launched so that it can serve European SMEs, by combining the stability of a bank with the agility and technology of a Fintech service provider. Based in the Netherlands, FIBR is focused on lending to European SMEs. The… Read More

Finance Disrupted: Is London’s Fintech Crown Debatable?

The State of Fintech in the United Kingdom. Observers in London see a paradox at the heart of today’s financial technology sector. If Fintech is all about playing the cutting edge and disrupting the mainstream, how come so many Fintech players and commentators obsess so… Read More

Online Lending Platform Pave Secures $8M During Series A Funding Round

Pave, the online lending platform, announced on Tuesday that it has raised a total of $8 million during its Series A funding round, which was led by Maxfield Capital. As previously reported, Pave is targeting Millennials who are old enough to be establishing a solid career… Read More

$300 Million To Pave. Direct Lender Receives Big Boost to Lend to Millennials

Pave has received a significant commitment of up to $300 million for loans and equity capital as it continues with its mission to provide access to credit for millennials. Led by Seer Capital, Pave may now expand its lending across the US. Oren Bass, CEO and… Read More

Pave Goes Nationwide with Lending Targeted Towards Millennials

Pave, a crowdfunding platform that turned lending upside down with its Income-linked Payment Agreement, or IPA, where individuals invested directly in the future of an individual. It was more of a bet on how promising a person’s financial outlook was perceived. Accredited investors could select an… Read More

Pave Introduces the “Pave Loan”

In a posting on the Pave site, co-founders Oren Bass and Sal Lahoud announced a new process for funding peoples careers.  The new funding vehicle has been titled the “Pave Loan”. Pave is a site that provides the means for motivated and talented individuals to… Read More

Pave Has Crowdfunded Individuals… Now They Will Fund Groups

Today Pave announces a new element of their product that aims to take the platform’s disruptive crowdfunding platform to the next level. First and for those unfamiliar, what is Pave? Based in New York, Pave is essentially a crowdfunding platform for people – the platform… Read More

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