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One Spark Reboot: Crowdfunding Festival Revamps for 2017

Following a period of change and introspection, One Spark will return this October with a new venue, a new partner , and a new outlook. What was once a weeklong urban street festival has now been revamped as a two-day event held in the U.S Assure… Read More

One Spark Festival Revamps for 2016

One Spark, previously labeled as the world’s largest crowdfunding festival, has revamped and restructured for 2016. At a press conference held early today in Jacksonville, the One Spark’s board outlined their vision for 2016.  It was just last month that One Spark announced a new… Read More

Brief: One Spark Announces Extension of 2016 Festival Creator Registration

This week, One Spark announced it has extended the registration deadline for this year’s festival. According to The Florida Times Union, the company’s spokesperson, Kristen Sell, revealed that only 150 out of 300 creator projects have registered. The media outlet confirmed that One Spark was extending… Read More

Peter Rummell on One Spark Festival’s Future: Dates Are Fixed Until They’re Not

Following the announcement that One Spark, Inc. is making some several new changes, including the creation of its new social purpose corporation and the resignation of CEO Elton Rivas, chairman of the company Peter Rummell shared his thoughts about the latest situation and the future of the One Spark… Read More

One Spark Launches New “Social Purpose” Corporation; Founder & CEO Elton Rivas to Resign

On Monday, the board of directors of One Spark, Inc., announced the creation of a new social purpose corporation designed to evolve the company into a vehicle for long-term success and better connect creators with resources. One Spark Ventures (OSV) is committed to licensing and… Read More

Naturally Smart Foods, a One Spark Success, Goes from Back of Car to Global

One Spark has claimed a significant success story. One Spark is described as the “world’s largest crowdfunding festival” and hosts an annual event in Jacksonville, Florida that features business creators seeking crowdfunding support.  Naturally Smart Foods, launched in 2013, entered the One Spark crowdfunding festival… Read More

One Spark Announce 2016 Festival Dates & Enhancements

Apparently, an exciting and epic experience is in store as One Spark’s “World’s Largest Crowdfunding Festival” prepares for its fourth year. The board of directors of One Spark, along with its key staff leadership, announced today details of the upcoming festival, which will take place Thursday,… Read More

One Spark Announces Departure of Executive Director Joe Sampson

One Spark, the entity behind fast growing global crowdfunding festival, has announced the departure of key employee Joe Sampson.  In a brief note, One Spark representatives stated that Sampson will be departing to “pursue other opportunities”. “One Spark is a great organization that’s done incredible… Read More

Peter Rummell Talks One Spark Crowdfunding Festival (Video)

One of the co-founders of the One Spark crowdfunding festival that just took place earlier this month in Jacksonville, Florida was recently interviewed on CNBC about the fast growing event.  Peter Rummell talks about the importance of keeping “bright young people” and how they need… Read More

One Spark Could Go International, Organizers Field Interest From Abroad

One Spark is a huge event in the city of Jacksonville that was forged from a series of coffee shop discussions by three friends in 2011. It seems Elton Rivas, Dennis Eusebio, and Varick Rosete may have created an awesome, crowdfunding-powered monster. The event is expected to… Read More

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