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Netcapital Announces Completion of a Funding as Part of Seed Round by EarthGrid Public Benefit Corporation

Netcapital Inc. (Nasdaq: NCPL), a digital private capital markets ecosystem, today announced the successful completion of a capital offering by EarthGrid Public Benefit Corporation, a plasma boring technology and infrastructure development company. EarthGrid raised approximately $3.3 million on Netcapital’s funding portal “as part of a… Read More

U.S. Fintech PayActiv Becomes Public Benefit Corporation

PayActiv, a U.S.-based provider of employment-based holistic financial wellness services, announced on Wednesday it has become a Public Benefit Corporation, which is described as a corporation that performs a specific function for the benefit of the public. According to Safwan Shah, CEO of PayActiv, the… Read More

Kickstarter Releases 2016 Public Benefit Corporation Statement

Nearly a year and a half after it became a public benefit corporation, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter released its 2016 public benefit corporation statement. A public benefit corporation is described as a corporation that performs a specific function for the benefit of the public. While sharing details about its… Read More

Saving the American Dream: Wefunder Becomes a Public Benefit Corporation

Wefunder, the leader to date in the Reg CF crowdfunding market, has become a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC). A Public Benefit Corporation is a corporate entity that has a legal obligation to benefit society. A PBC still embraces profit and growth but a PBC does… Read More

Really. Kickstarter Paid a Dividend to Investors?

Kickstarter, despite its vow to never go public, quietly paid dividends to its shareholders this past March. This is according to a recent report by Bloomberg. In a world of tech measured solely by growth, and too frequently ongoing losses, Kickstarter did something a bit different… Read More

Brief: Kickstarter Donates to Four Organizations in the Name of a More Creative & Equitable World

Following the celebration of its seventh birthday, Kickstarter announced that it has donated funds to four charities as part of its mission to create a more creative and equitable world. The crowdfunding portal shared: “When we reincorporated as a Public Benefit Corporation in September of 2015 we… Read More

Yancey Strickler: “We’ve Always Approached Kickstarter From a Very Idealistic Perspective”

Earlier this fall, crowdfunding platform Kickstarter announced it became a public benefit corporation (PBC). This type of corporation performs a specific function for the benefit of the public. Now CEO and co-founder of the famous website, Yancey Strickler is ready to share details about the business’ change and… Read More

Kickstarter Inc. Reincorporates as a Public Benefit Corporation; Yancey Strickler Declares: “We Don’t Ever Want to Sell or Go Public”

Kickstarter Inc. Becomes Kickstarter PBC Over the weekend, crowdfunding platform, Kickstarter, announced that it has officially become a public benefit corporation (PBC). A public benefit corporation is described as a corporation that performs a specific function for the benefit of the public. The crowdfunding platform explained: “Kickstarter Inc is… Read More

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