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Republic Note Commences Trading on December 6th

Republic Note, the profit-sharing digital asset issued by the global investment crowdfunding platform Republic, is scheduled to commence trading next week on December 6, 2023. Republic Note has been a slow-moving digital security project that advances Republic’s mission of providing access to private markets for… Read More

Republic Note Migrates to Avalanche Blockchain, Choice will Improve Performance

Avalanche has been on a roll in recent days. An announcement that JP Morgan was working on a pilot with Avalanche to investigate the tokenization of assets saw the price of Avalanche (AVAX) to rocket higher. Avalanche is a high-performance blockchain that aims to be… Read More

Republic Distributes Update on Note, Digital Asset for Investors to Benefit from Platform Investments

Republic Note, a digital asset that aims to generate returns for purchasers from successful securities offerings, was revealed to the public in 2020. While it has taken some time for the security to come to fruition, Republic distributed an update this past week that provides… Read More

Republic Note Update Reports More than $900,000 Available for Distributions for Note Holders

Republic Note, a digital asset that is still available for investment on the Republic platform, has published an update on the security stating there is currently a dividend pool of more than $900,000 to be distributed. Republic Note is a security that aims to share… Read More

Republic Note Opens for Investment, Quickly Tops Minimum $360,000 Funding Goal

Republic Note has launched on Republic, seeking a minimum raise of $360,000 and up to $2.02 million. The price per digital security is $0.36 with a minimum investment of $100 and a maximum amount of $60,0000. The security is being issued under Reg CF. As… Read More

Republic 3.0 Kicks Off with Republic Note

Republic, the largest securities crowdfunding platform in the world, says the launch of Republic Note next week is a step in the platform’s transformation to Republic 3.0. While I am not certain exactly what Republic 2.0 represents – probably its acquisition of Seedrs and the… Read More

Not a Token: Republic Note Now a Digital Security

Republic Note will be available to the broader investing public beginning next Monday, according to the company. No longer described as a token, Republic Note has now been labeled a digital security. “R/Note” aims to provide investors with exposure to the economic upside of some… Read More

Republic to Reveal New Approach to Republic Note Product

Republic, the largest securities crowdfunding platform in the world, has announced a webinar next week to review its new approach to Republic Note. Republic Note was originally designed to be a digital asset issued under the Reg A+ securities exemption. The security was designed to… Read More

Republic Note Quickly Raises $3 Million in Reg CF Offering

Do you remember Republic Note? Back in 202o, Republic sought to raise capital for a security that provides purchasers with a portion of the income generated by the investment crowdfunding platform. At that time, Republic raised about $16 million in a sold-out Reg D 506c… Read More

Republic Receives $36 Million Series A Funding Led by Galaxy Interactive

Republic, a top funding portal and broker-dealer providing online capital formation to early-stage ventures, has closed on a $36 million Series A funding round, according to a note from the company. The funding was led by Galaxy Interactive with participation by Tribe Capital, Motley Fool… Read More

Republic CEO Kendrick Nguyen Says Platform is Also Focused on Real Estate, Private Equity, After Announcing Republic Note, a Compliant, Profit-Sharing Digital Asset

  We recently caught up with Kendrick Nguyen, the co-founder and CEO of Republic, a leading US-based investment crowdfunding platform. He is also a founding director of the Association of Online Investment Platforms (AOIP). In July 2020, Republic added 30 more venture partners to its… Read More

Republic Note Sells Out. Receives $16 Million in Commitments for Unique Income Sharing Digital Security

Republic Note, a digital asset that provides purchasers with a portion of the income generated by the investment crowdfunding platform, has sold out receiving $16 million in commitments. The offering is being made via Reg D 506c (accredited only) and as a “testing the waters”… Read More

Update: Republic Note Tops $10 Million, Funding Cap Increased [u]

Republic Note, a profit-sharing digital asset launched by the crowdfunding ecosystem Republic, has reportedly generated solid interest – apparently in excess of its stated $8 million goal. According to reports, Republic Not has surpassed $10 million after launching live last week.   Republic Note, The… Read More

Long Awaited Wave of STOs? CoinList President says More Offerings Like Republic Note Will Make it Happen

Republic will kick off the sale of Republic Note, a digital asset that will be a tradeable, profit sharing investment opportunity, on Thursday, July 16. The Note tokens will sell for $0.12 each with a funding cap of $8 million. A prior private sale is… Read More

Republic Note, a Profit Sharing Digital Asset, Goes on Sale in July

Republic, a leading investment crowdfunding platform, has announced the offering of Republic Note – scheduled to go on sale July 16, 2020. Republic Note is a profit-sharing token with a funding cap of $8 million. According to the company, Republic Note is in line with… Read More

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