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Fintech Startup Birdylabs Secures $3 Million Through First Investment Round Led By Rising Sun

Early-stage fintech company Birdylabs announced on Friday it secured $3 million through its first investment round, which was led by the Rising Sun investment company. Launched earlier this year, Birdylabs notably integrates into online banking services and learns from the habits and expenses of customers to offer… Read More

CoolMiniOrNot’s 26th Kickstarter Closes With $4.2 Million in Funding

Success! CoolMiniOrNot’s 26th Kickstarter campaign, which is dedicated to the company’s latest board Rising Sun, has successfully closed with more than $4.2 million from 31,262 backers. Rising Sun is described as a 3 to 5 player board game that is set in feudal Japan. The… Read More

Update: CoolMiniOrNot’s “Rising Sun” Scores More Than $3.65 Million During the Final Days on Kickstarter

With its highly successful Kickstarter campaign set to close tomorrow evening, CoolMiniOrNot’s Rising Sun is nearing $3.65 million thanks to more than 27,450 backers. The board game studio launched the project, which is its twenty-sixth Kickstarter, last month and sought to raise a minimum of $300,000. Rising Sun is… Read More

CoolMiniOrNot’s “Rising Sun” Funding Success Continues: Scores $3 Million Through Kickstarter Campaign

With less than two weeks until its reward-based crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter comes to an end, CoolMiniOrNot’s Rising Sun board game has successfully secured $3 million from more than 23,000 backers. This is the 26th crowdfunding initiative CoolMiniOrNot has launched. The board game’s story reads:… Read More

CoolMiniOrNot’s “Rising Sun” Surpasses $2.4 Million in Less Than Two Weeks on Kickstarter

Less than two weeks after launching the Rising Sun Kickstrter campaign, CoolMiniOrNot’s 26th crowdfunding initiative has successfully secured more than $2.4 million thanks to over 22,000 backers. The project’s original funding target was $300,000. As previously reported, Rising Sun is described as a 3 to 5 player board game… Read More

CoolMiniorNot Launches 26th Kickstarter for New Board Game “Rising Sun” & Secures More Than $2 Million From 20,000 Backers

Tabletop studio and publisher, CoolMiniOrNot has launched its 26 reward-based crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The company, which has created various popular board games such as Zombicide, Blood Rage, The Others, and Arcadia, sought to raise $300,000 for its new game Rising Sun and quickly secures… Read More

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