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The Fed Didn’t Hike Rates -Yet.  The Top 3 Reasons It Matters to Small Business Owners

Well, the Federal Reserve has spoken again and though we are all listening, sometimes it’s hard to tell what all those carefully crafted paragraphs actually mean.  So here’s a quick snapshot of the top three things that you, as a small business owner, should know…. Read More

Will the Federal Reserve Raise Rates? And What Does this Mean for Small Business?

The Federal Reserve Open Market Committee (FOMC) convenes today to discuss and determine if interest rates need to rise. Recent geopolitical realities, such as the ECB going all in as growth sputters, have pushed most Fed watchers into the camp that rising rates are on… Read More

Robert Riedl of Dealstruck: We Look at the Fed Rate Increase as a Positive Sign (Video)

How will the Federal Reserve’s decision to raise interest rates impact small business? According to Robert Riedl of Dealstruck – it is all good. DealStruck is a marketplace lending platform that focuses on providing access to capital for SMEs. Dealstruck provides loans of up to… Read More

Rate Hike Coming. What Does this Mean for Small Business Owners?

Last week the government announced the US economy had delivered 211,000 new jobs in the month of November with the unemployment rate holding at 5%. The announcement set off a new flurry of debate and discussion regarding whether or not the Federal Reserve will finally… Read More

Dealstruck Secures $10 Million Investment From Community Investment Management; Appoints Robert Riedl New Head of Capital Markets

Dealstruck, the online lender that provides lending solutions for small businesses at every stage of their lifecycle, today announced that it received another $10 million capital investment from Community Investment Management LLC (“CIM”), an investment firm focused on marketplace lending. This investment allows Dealstruck to… Read More

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