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Double Fine’s Tim Schafer: “There’s a bunch of people who hate the idea of what we’re doing”

Late last week, Games Industry International published an interview with DoubleFine’s Tim Schafer that discussed the studio’s recent experiences with Kickstarter at length. It’s an interesting look into the crowdfunding process from the perspective of a company that has raised millions using crowdfunding. Perhaps the most… Read More

Double Fine’s “Broken Age” Hits Steam, Kickstarter Backers Get Early Access

Double Fine Adventure was a bit of a turning point in crowdfunded video games. When Double Fine Productions launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter seeking $400,000 in funding from the crowd, they couldn’t have imagined netting over $3 million. The road wasn’t easy from there… Read More

Kickstarter Darling Double Fine Adventure, Now Broken Age, Releases Part 1 Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a big day in the world of Kickstarter and video games. Double Fine Productions will release part one of Broken Age, the video game previously dubbed Double Fine Adventure. Haven’t shipped a game of my own in 4.5 years, an adventure game in 16, a… Read More

Crowdfunding: All Of The Risk With None Of The Control?

GameFront’s top comment of the week this past week tackled Double Fine, Kickstarter and video games crowdfunded for donations and rewards. The commenter makes an interesting point about the lack of control a Kickstarter backer has over the trajectory of the project. “What is said… Read More

Game Dev American McGee Stands Up For Double Fine

We recently reported on troubles within Double Fine Productions regarding the development of Broken Age, the subject of their first Kickstarter campaign. That campaign was backed to the tune of $3.3 million on a goal of just $400,000. RELATED: Double Fine Out Of Money For ‘Broken… Read More

Double Fine Out Of Money For ‘Broken Age’ Despite Raising Over 800% Of Kickstarter Goal

After raising over $3 million to product ‘Double Fine Adventure,’ Double Fine Productions has now run out of money developing the game, which has since been renamed to Broken Age. The solution? The game will be broken into two parts, the first of which is… Read More


UPDATE: Mission accomplished for Double Fine Productions. The campaign has crossed the $1 million mark. Congratulations to Brad Muir and everyone at Double Fine, and good luck as you work to finish the games and deliver the final product to your backers! Double Fine indeed! MASSIVE… Read More

WATCH: Brad Muir Of Double Fine Productions On Crowdfunding, ‘Massive Chalice’

Brad Muir is leading the campaign for MASSIVE CHALICE, the second game launched by Double Fine Productions on Kickstarter. The campaign will literally be crossing the $1 million mark just about any minute at the time of writing, and Double Fine Productions will become the… Read More

Why Tim Schafer Has A Second Kickstarter

“Look, we just made $70,000! Not that I have it up on auto-refresh or anything…” That was beloved game designer and Double Fine Games founder Tim Schafer watching the growing total for Massive Chalice, less than an hour into the company’s latest Kickstarter game development funding… Read More

UPDATED: Double Fine Productions Returns To Kickstarter To Fund “MASSIVE CHALICE”

UPDATE: Double Fine Productions does it again. MASSIVE CHALICE has surpassed it’s goal and is on the way to the million dollar mark. Double Fine Productions can now boast being one of the few people or companies to have two successful six-figure crowdfunding campaigns under their… Read More

Developers should ‘think like a fan,’ be transparent when pitching on Kickstarter, says Double Fine producer

  Indie developers looking to launch projects for crowdfunding on Kickstarter should “think like a fan,” altering their mindset and tailoring pitches to best inform their gaming audience, according to Double Fine Productions producer Greg Rice.   Speaking in panel today at the 2013 Game… Read More

30% Of 2012 Kickstarter Video Game Campaigns Are Successful

Ever since Double Fine raised millions of dollars for their Kickstarter campaign last year, the site has become a popular breeding ground for indie development crowdfunding. But Thomas Bidaux, CEO at ICO Partners, wanted to know just how successful Kickstarter is and has finally revealing… Read More

Scopely announces first five developer partners, adding Double Fine and others to publishing platform

Two months ago LA game publisher and distribution platform Scopely finally pulled the curtain back to reveal what it’s been building with the $8.5 million it raised since July 2011. The vision was, not surprisingly, bigger than its “with Buddies” franchise of mobile games, despite… Read More

Game World Feels Impact of Crowdfunding

In an article in VentureBeat the author focuses on 12 items that dramatically impacted gaming in 2012.  Of course Zynga is on thelist.  Where would social society be without Farmville?  Rovio was not on the list so we are not going to speculate about the… Read More

Stories of 2012: How Kickstarter changed game funding for ever, and why devs still have much to learn

It’s difficult to recall a time before Kickstarter’s game industry prominence, but just twelve short months ago the crowdfunding website had a considerably lower profile. Given the empowerment it has brought to developers, then, it’s ironic that the website kicked off 2012 at the centre… Read More

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