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Electrospinning Company Seeks £450,000 on SyndicateRoom For Synthetic Corneal Epithelial Transplant

Electrospinning Company, a UK SME that was established in 2010 to develop products utilizing the world-class electrospinning platform, has launched an crowdfunding campaign on SyndicateRoom to raise £450,000 for what it believes to the world’s first synthetic corneal epithelial transplant. The company noted that corneal blindness affects around… Read More

UFC’s Wes Sims Launches GoFundMe Campaign to Help Mark Coleman with Medical Bills

Seeks to help a friend in need, UFC alum, Wes Sims has hit GoFundMe to raise $100,000 for his longtime training partner and notably “The Godfather of Ground and Pound ” Mark Coleman. Stating what made him turn to the crowdfunding platform for help, Sim wrote:… Read More

Canadian Man Weighing 600 Pounds Crowdfunding Weight Loss Surgery On GoFundMe

A Saskatoon man weighing about 600 pounds has a crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe launched in his name. The campaign is seeking $30,000 to fund a weight loss surgery that he says could save his life. In an interview with Metronews.ca, 21 year old Luke Deitner explained… Read More

Toronto Star Calls Out Crowdfunding Pitch For Cancer Surgeries On FundRazr

Crowdfunding and health-related initiatives are invariably linked. Crowdfunding can drive funding for outreach programs, research and even specific surgeries, which was the goal of a FundRazr campaign launched by The Princess Margaret Cancer Foundation. The campaign launched seeking $15,000 in order to pay for six… Read More

Samahope Crowdsources Simple, Life-Saving Surgeries For The Poor

“I just started bawling,” Leila Janah is telling me about a trip she took to Sierra Leone earlier this year. “I’m usually pretty steely as a matter of course. But I’ve been crying a lot more lately.” Janah, the founder of Samasource, a nonprofit organization… Read More

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