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Fisher-Price Launches Indiegogo Campaign For Smart Connect Soother

American toy company Fisher-Price has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $10,000 for its new bedtime device, the Smart Connect Deluxe Soother. According to the brand, the new deluxe, fully-featured soother is customized to suit any family’s sleep routine through the Smart Connect… Read More

Indiegogo Alum OhMiBod Announces Club Vibe 3.OH Wearable Massager

On Tuesday, Indiegogo funded startup OhMiBod announced the debut of its new wearable massager, the Club Vibe 3.OH. The company described the device as a vibrator that is designed to enhance couples’ intimacy, passion, and excitement without giving up privacy. Sharing details about the product,  Suki Dunham, founder of… Read More

More Than Three Weeks to Go: Fidget Cube Nears $5M on Kickstarter

With 25 more days until its Kickstarter comes to an end, Fidget Cube is on its way to attracting $5 million in funding. The vinyl desk toy hit the reward-based crowdfunding portal last month and scored over $3 million in a matter of weeks. Fidget… Read More

Vinyl Desk Toy “Fidget Cube” Surpasses $3.3M in Less Than Two Weeks on Kickstarter

Fidget Cube, a high-quality desk toy designed to help people focus, has been a smash hit on Kickstarter. The device surfaced on the crowdfunding portal last month, and its creators at Colorado-based Antsy Labs originally sought to raise only $15,000. Within a matter of just weeks,… Read More

Overfunding On Crowdcube: Primo, Maker Of Smart Toys To Help Young Children Learn To Code

Now overfunding on Crowdcube, Primo is a smart-toy maker that aims to help young children learn computer coding before they can read. I can’t say that’s the order in which I learned these two skills (probably because the company was then but a spark in its founders’ eyes), but… Read More

It’s Happening: Bobblehead Doll of Crying Villanova Band Member Makes An Appearance on Kickstarter

Bobbleheads are trending! First Hilary Clinton, now emotional band member! On Thursday, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum launched a Kickstarter to produce bobbleheads of Roxanne Chalifoux, who became an online sensation when a TV camera captured her crying while playing the piccolo in Villanova’s band… Read More

Coding Toy Codie Quickly Gains Funding Momentum on Indiegogo

Codie, a startup with the mission to teach children the principles of coding, launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to produce toy robots that make learning coding tangible, real and fun. Co-founder and CEO of Codie, Adam Lipecz stated: “We believe that learning to code shouldn’t stop… Read More

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