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Zapier Data Report Reveals Key Trends Related to Rise of No-Code Solutions

No-code tools allow anyone to build apps and automate workflows using a visual interface—no coding or technical skills required, the team at Zapier noted in a recent update. According to Zapier, these tools experienced a dramatic rise “in adoption over the past few years due… Read More

Embedded Banking Fintech ClearBank Partners with Code First Girls

ClearBank has announced its partnership with Code First Girls to actively recruit even more female coders. Code First Girls claims it is “the largest provider of free coding courses for women in the UK, and their impact doesn’t stop with education – they work with… Read More

HyperionDev, an Online Coding Bootcamp Facilitator, Acquires £2.65M+ via Crowdcube

HyperionDev, a company that teams up with top ranked universities such as the University of Edinburgh to deliver university certified coding bootcamps online & onsite, has raised 132% (£2,654,165) of its £2,000,000 target via Crowdcube (at the time of writing) from 600 investors with 11… Read More

Overfunding: Online Coding Courses Provider HyperionDev Secures More Than £1.8 Million Through Crowdcube Campaign

  HyperionDev, a UK-based online code course developer, has raised more than £1.8 million through its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube. Founded in 2012, HyperionDev claims to be one of the largest online coding bootcamps out there. The company reported it has brought coding skills to… Read More

Crowdcube Alum Primo Toys Returns to Kickstarter to Raise Funds For Cubetto Play Maps

Crowdcube #FundedClub member, Primo Toys, has launched its third reward-based crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter for maps and activity books, called Polar Expedition and Swarmy Swamp, that expand play and STEM learning around its multi-award winning coding system, Cubetto. This initiative comes just one year after the company… Read More

Sony Seeks $100,000 on Indiegogo For Coding & Robotics Kit “KOOV”

Tech giant Sony, in conjunction with Sony Global Education, has launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $100,000 for the coding and robotics kit, KOOV. KOOV is described as a robotics and coding educational kit that is made up of blocks, sensors, motors, and… Read More

Gaza Sky Geeks Crowdfunds to Launch Coding Academy

Gaza Sky Geeks is running another crowdfunding campaign called “Power Up Gaza’s Geeks”.  There is just over a week left in the campaign, and the group is currently at $277,869 — or 292 percent of its original goal. Initially, Gaza Sky Geeks had a goal… Read More

Crowdcube #FundedClub Member PrimoToys Finishes Kickstarter Round; Scores $1.5M For Coding Toy “Cubetto”

On Thursday, Crowdcube #FundedClub member, PrimoToys, announced the closing of its Kickstarter initiative for the coding toy, Cubetto. The project successfully secured $1,596,457 from 6,553 backers. Cubetto is a toy for both boys and girls and is powered by what is described as a “tangible” programming language…. Read More

PrimoToys’ Cubetto Project Surpasses $1.2M During the Final Days on Kickstarter

With its Kickstarter set to close in less than a week, PrimoToys has successfully secured over $1.2 million for its hand on coding toy, Cubetto. The initiative first surfaced on the crowdfunding giant last month to raise only a sum of $100,000. Within days of… Read More

Crowdcube #FundedClub Member PrimoToys Launches Kickstarter For Coding Toy; Overfunds in Less Than 24 Hours

On Tuesday, new Crowdcube #FundedClub member PrimoToys turned to reward-based crowdfunding platform Kickstarter to raise $100,000 for its new coding toy, Cubetto. Cubetto is a toy for both boys and girls and is powered by what is described as a “tangible” programming language. Children help… Read More

Overfunding On Crowdcube: Primo, Maker Of Smart Toys To Help Young Children Learn To Code

Now overfunding on Crowdcube, Primo is a smart-toy maker that aims to help young children learn computer coding before they can read. I can’t say that’s the order in which I learned these two skills (probably because the company was then but a spark in its founders’ eyes), but… Read More

Coding Friendship Wearables “Jewelbots” Surpasses $30,000 Goal in Under 24 Hours on Kickstarter

Jewelbots, a New York City tech startup, recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with a mission to raise $30,000 for its self-titled friendship bracelet. Jewelbots is described as a technology-enabled jewelry for tween and teen girls. It is not only a great way to show off… Read More

Coding Toy Codie Quickly Gains Funding Momentum on Indiegogo

Codie, a startup with the mission to teach children the principles of coding, launched its crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to produce toy robots that make learning coding tangible, real and fun. Co-founder and CEO of Codie, Adam Lipecz stated: “We believe that learning to code shouldn’t stop… Read More

Code.Org’s Hadi Partovi Talks Crowdfunding & Education With Indiegogo

Earlier this month, non-profit organization Code.org launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise $5,000,000 for its new program called, An Hour of Code for Every Student. This will give 100 million students throughout the world an opportunity to have one hour per day of… Read More

Kickstarter-Success Kano Announces First Shipment of Its Learn-to-Code Computer Kits

Last year, London-based company Kano launched a crowdfunding campaing on Kickstarter to raise $100,000 for its learn-to-code computer kits. The project was a huge success on the platform, banking $1.5 million dollars from over 13,000 backers. Recently, the company announced it is ready to ship… Read More

ThoughtSTEM Launches $50,000 Kickstarter Campaign For Coding Video Game

University of California San Diego Computer Science and Engineering alumni Lindsey Handley, with the startup company ThoughtSTEM, launched a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign earlier this week to raise $50,000 for a new video game which will help teach children how to code. CodeSpells provides a coding… Read More

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