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Update: Baubax Jacket 2.0 Secures More Than $1.1 Million on Kickstarter

Less than two weeks after launching its second Kickstarter campaign the new version of its famous jacket, Chicago-based startup BauBax has successfully secured more than $1.1 million. The campaign was launched earlier this month and quickly raised its initial $50,000 funding target in the first 24… Read More

Despite Previous Backer Drama, Chicago Startup BauBax Returns to Kickstarter to Raise $50,000 For 2.0 Version of Famous Travel Jackets

Just a couple of years after securing nearly $9.2 million through Kickstarter for its self-titled famous jacket, Chicago startup BauBax has returned to the reward-based crowdfunding platform to raise $50,000 for the second version of the jacket. Just days after the launching the latest funding… Read More

Backers of Kickstarter Alum BauBax Travel Jackets Grow Frustrated About Delivery Delays

Earlier this summer, Chicago-based startup BauBax launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for its new self-titled travel jacket. The BauBax Travel Jacket is equipped with 15 features that makes it perfect for those traveling. Such features include a neck pillow, earphone holders, eye mask, phone… Read More

Mashable Teams Up Visa Checkout to Launch a Marketplace that Features Successful Crowdfunded Products

On Monday, media company Mashable announced it has teamed up with Visa to introduce its brand new marketplace, Mashable Shop. To celebrate the launch this holiday season, Mashable and Visa are offering custom apparel and accessories with designs from the Mashable Collective, along with curated, tech-focused… Read More

BauBax Travel Jacket Surpasses $10M in Total Crowdfunding Contributions as it Moves from Kickstarter to Indiegogo InDemand

BauBax, the creators of the already popular 15-feature travel jacket, has surpassed $10-million in total crowdfunding contributions. Following its record breaking Kickstarter campaign, BauBax has transitioned to Indiegogo InDemand where backers continue to take advantage of reduced pricing by pre-ordering. Yoganshi Shah, founder and Chief… Read More

Creator of BauBax Travel Jacket Opens Up About Kickstarter Campaign: “I Knew We Had a Great Idea”

Fresh off the closing of the widely popular BauBax Travel Jacket Kickstarter campaign, the creator of the already famous jacket, Hiral Sanghavi, sat down with CNN Money to discuss the crowdfunding campaign and the creation of the fashion accessory. The BauBax Travel Jacket is equipped with 15 features that… Read More

All-In-One Greatness: BAUBAX Travel Jacket Captures Nearly $9.1M During the Final Hours on Kickstarter

Mere hours of the closing of its Kickstarter initiative, fashion apparel BauBax Travel Jacket neared $9.1 million thanks to over 44,500 backers. The project has not only gained its fame by being a perfect piece of clothing for the outdoors, it also became the fourth most funded project… Read More

Travel Jacket BAUBAX Surpasses $7M During the Final Days on Kickstarter

With less than 72 hours until its Kickstarter comes to an end, famed travel jacket Baubax has scored over $7 million thanks to nearly 36,700 backers. The Baubax Travel Jacket is equipped with 15 features that makes it perfect for those traveling. Such features include… Read More

Brief: BauBax “World’s Best” Travel Jacket Reaches Over $5.4M; Takes Over “Reading Rainbow” Spot on Kickstarter’s Top 10 Most Funded Campaigns List

BauBax, the self-dubbed world’s best travel jacket, has joined the Top 10 most funded Kickstarter campaigns of all-time by passing Reading Rainbow, which raised just over $5.4M in 2014. Already the most funded clothing item ever, BauBax has two weeks remaining in its campaign to… Read More

Baubax’s “Travel Jacket” Captures Over $4M Halfway Through Kickstarter Initiative; Becomes the Most Funded Clothing Project on the Platform

There’s no stopping these jackets! Last month, Chicago brand Baubax hit Kickstarter with a mission to raise only $100,000 for its Travel Jacket. Within only a few days, the project surpassed its initial goal and quickly reached over a million dollars. Now, half way through… Read More

Chicago Startup Baubax Secures Over $2.2M on Kickstarter for the Ultimate All-in-One Travel Jacket

Look out Northface and Columbia, you might have a new competitor thanks to crowdfunding! Chicago startup Baubax has successfully captured $2.2 million on Kickstarter for its new all-in-one “travel jacket.” As previously reported, the jackets have 15 features that makes it perfect for those traveling. Such features… Read More

All-In-One Apparel: TRAVEL JACKET Gains Over $1M in Less Than Two Weeks on Kickstarter

Baubax, an apparel brand from Chicago, recently launched a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter to raise only $20,000 for the TRAVEL JACKET. Within a week and a half, the project not only surpassed its initial goal, it has captured well over $1 million thanks to nearly… Read More

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