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Reading Rainbow’s Sangita Patel Discussing the Ups & Downs of Crowdfunding Success

Back in Spring 2014, famous children show Reading Rainbow captured over $5 million on Kickstarter to reboot the series for the next generation. Now, nearly two years later, Reading Rainbow’s COO, Sangita Patel, is ready to sit down and share his thoughts about the show’s success – and the criticism… Read More

Brief: BauBax “World’s Best” Travel Jacket Reaches Over $5.4M; Takes Over “Reading Rainbow” Spot on Kickstarter’s Top 10 Most Funded Campaigns List

BauBax, the self-dubbed world’s best travel jacket, has joined the Top 10 most funded Kickstarter campaigns of all-time by passing Reading Rainbow, which raised just over $5.4M in 2014. Already the most funded clothing item ever, BauBax has two weeks remaining in its campaign to… Read More

Reading Rainbow Fulfills Kickstarter Promise & Debuts New Online Service: SKYBRARY

Beloved children’s brand Reading Rainbow launched SKYBRARY, the all-new web-based digital library of hand-curated children’s books and story-driven educational video field trips, created for kids ages 2-9. Designed to entice and excite children’s natural sense of curiosity about their world, SKYBRARY delivers an adventure-based unlimited book reading and… Read More

Brief: LeVar Burton to Be Honored at 35th Annual Los Angeles Times Book Prizes Following Kickstarter Success

Earlier this week, the Los Angeles Times Book Prizes announced LeVar Burton will be honored with the Innovator’s Award at the University of Southern California’s Bovard Auditorium. The event will take place during the 20th annual Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, one of the nation’s largest public literary festival,… Read More

Elan Lee’s Exploding Kittens Secures $8,782,571 from 219,382 Kickstarters: Booming Business & Kickstarter History for Fat Cats

To paraphrase Alicia Keys, those cats are on fire.  Exploding Kittens Kickstarter campaign came to an booming finish last night hitting $8,782,571 from 219,382 backers…and secured a record in Kickstarter history.   Booming Cats is “The Most-Backed Kickstarter Project of All Time,” dethroning  Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere! campaign…. Read More

RRKIDZ, Home of Reading Rainbow, Lands Entertainment Executive Linda Benjamin

Nearly seven months after finding success on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, RRKIDZ, home of Reading Rainbow, has landed a new executive. Linda Benjamin has joined leading children’s media company as President of Global Strategy and Business Affairs. The news was announced by company co-founders Mark Wolfe and LeVar Burton.   Benjamin, most recently Executive… Read More

Kickstarter Reached Half a Billion Dollars of Funding in 2014

Celebrating the new year with a big bang, Kickstarter has announced it passed half a billion dollars in backer’s funding over the past 12 months. Kickstarter revealed, “3.3 million people from nearly every country on Earth pledged more than half a billion dollars (that’s 1,000 a… Read More

LeVar Burton Reflects on Reading Rainbow Crowdfunding Success (Video)

Just a few weeks following the closing of his “Reading Rainbow” campaign on Kickstarter, former host of the PBS children’s series LeVar Burton discusses his initial reaction to the project’s launch and success on the crowdfunding platform. Over 105,000 backers pledges a total of $5.4… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Finishes at Over $5.4M Raised Crowdfunding

Well, it’s OVER! The “Bring Reading Rainbow For Every Child, Everywhere” campaign has finally reached the finish line on Kickstarter and raised a total of $5,408,816 from 105,857 backers! Just days before it reached the stretch goal, the campaign’s organizer and former host, Mr. Burton stated, “If… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Breaks Kickstarter Record For Most Backers

With less than 24 hours until its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter comes to a close, “Reading Rainbow” has broken the all-time record of backers on the crowdfunding giant’s platform.  On Tuesday, the campaign reached over $4.8 million and has a total of 98,298 backers, which beats… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Receives Funds From Kickstarter All-Stars

LeVar Burton’s “Reading Rainbow” crowdfunding campaign is now in the top five most successful Kickstarter projects of all time. The project is receiving the latest round of support from unexpected sources – the top four highest earning campaigns ever.  Pebble, OUYA, Pono and “Veronica Mars” announced that they… Read More

Seth MacFarlane Will Donate Up to $1M Towards “Reading Rainbow” Kickstarter Campaign

Adding more excitement to LeVar Burton’s “Bring ‘Reading Rainbow’ Back for Every Child, Everywhere” crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, the host of the children’s television series announced the project is getting some help from director/actor Seth MacFarlane.   According to Mr. Burton’s recent update, the “Family… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Hits $4M During the Final Week on Kickstarter

Exciting news for “Reading Rainbow” fans! The PBS show’s crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter has reached $4m from over 83,000 fans. The project has a week left until it comes to a close on the platform and its hoping to reach $5M. As previously reported, not only… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Lands on Kickstarters Top Ten Most Funded Campaigns and Seeks $5M

Just a little over week since the launch of his crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, LeVar Burton’s “Bring Reading Rainbow Back for Every Child, Everywhere” project has surpassed its original $1M goal and is now seeking $5M. Not only has it continued to be successful, the… Read More

“Reading Rainbow” Hits $1 Million Crowdfunding Goal Immediately

Just eleven hours after the launch of its crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, former PBS children’s series “Reading Rainbow” surpassed its initial $1,000,000 goal. LeVar Burton, who hosted the show from 1983 to 2006, decided to launch the campaign through the crowdfunding giant to bring the show… Read More

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