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Kickstarter Joins More Than 80,000 Websites in the Online Net Neutrality Protest

Nearly three years after Kickstarter joined forces with various internet giants to protest against net neutrality, the crowdfunding giant has made the move to stand against potential changes to the current FCC net neutrality regulations. On Wednesday, visitors to Kickstarter’s main website page were greeted… Read More

Google Rolls Out New Crowdfunding Tool Strictly For Website Publishers

On Thursday (November 20th), Internet giant, Google, announced the launch of its new crowdfunding tool for publishers known as the Contributor. The new website is designed to allow users to pay sites that they often visit a monthly fee. In return, they will no longer… Read More

Chupamobile Closes In On Crowdcube £400,000 Crowdfunding Goal

Closing in on the £400,000 goal of its equity crowdfunding campaign on Crowdcube, Chupamobile Limited announced its website Chupamobile has reached £354,060. The site is described as the “Amazon for buying and selling Apps and Games.” According to its idea statement, Chupamobile is “an online… Read More

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