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Crowdfunding News Roundup: October 28, 2013

Taylor English | Analysis of Crowdfunding Rules Relating to issuers This week we expect many interests in the world of securities to publish their breakdowns of the proposed rules for equity crowdfunding in the United States. We’ll be collecting them throughout the week. Here, law… Read More

Wisconsin State Legislature Sends Crowdfunding Bill to Governor Walker

CASE or “Crowdfunding and Securities Exemptions” for Jobs Act/Crowdfunding Finds Support. Today the Wisconsin State Senate concurred with the State Assembly and sent Rep. David Craig’s CASE (crowdfunding and securities exemptions) for Jobs Act (AB 350) to Governor Scott Walker. In response to the Senate’s… Read More

Wisconsin Crowdfunding Bill Moves To Senate After Passing In Assembly

Image courtesy Americans for Tax Reform

It has been a busy week in the world of intrastate crowdfunding legislation. Yesterday we reported on Michigan introducing a crowdfunding bill. Yesterday the Wisconsin Assembly passed a similar bill. The bill will now make its way to the Senate. Thus far Wisconsin Governor Scott… Read More

Wisconsin Crowdfunding Bill Would Mean More Accredited Investors

Image courtesy Americans for Tax Reform

Point of Law is a great resource for digestible breakdowns of regulation and bureaucratic legal-speak. Today Jonathan B. Wilson published a great breakdown of Wisconsin’s proposed crowdfunding exemption this morning. One paragraph is of particular importance… In a strange twist, however, the Wisconsin bill would… Read More

Two Crowdfunding Campaigns To Bring Bioluminescence To Your Home

Two campaigns crowdfunding now aim to fund projects that use bioluminescent microbes to light the home. One is called the Biobulb, and it is seeking $15,000 on RocketHub. Three Wisconsin University undergraduate students launched the project as part of the Frontier Fellows program at the… Read More

Wisconsin Lawmakers To Propose Crowdfunding Bill

Image courtesy Americans for Tax Reform

Today Wisconsin GOP lawmakers are expected to introduce a bill that would legalize intrastate crowdfunding in the state. Wisconsin is set to join Kansas, Georgia, Washington and North Carolina in either considering or adopting rules legalizing in-state crowdfunding. The bill will be proposed by Representatives… Read More

Kickstarter campaign, portable solar charger net new career

Joshua Zimmerman’s cure for boredom netted him nearly $200,000 and a change of careers. The Wauwatosa resident, a middle school science teacher at Blessed Savior West, says he was “bored and needed a hobby” when he started doing some tinkering, making solar-powered cars and battery… Read More

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