It’s Fine For The Rich & Famous To Use Kickstarter; Bjork’s Project Failed Because It Was Lame

BjorkNearly two years ago, we had a post pointing out that it was silly for people to complain when the “rich and famous” made use of platforms like Kickstarter. That story was about Tom Hanks’ son Colin looking for funds to complete a documentary. As we noted, it made perfect sense to use Kickstarter, since it’s also a nice marketing platform and a way to connect with fans. I don’t understand why this seems to get people up in arms, but it continues to this day. You may have heard about the high profile failure of Bjork’s Kickstarter campaign. She sought £375,000 not for a new album, but to make a port of her last album’s app, Biophillia, from iOS to Android and Windows 8. The original Biophilia won some rave reviews for pushing the boundaries of what an album was… but also was widely criticized for being platform specific to iOS. When it came out, Bjork said she hoped that those on other platforms would just “pirate” it, but we never understood why she didn’t release it on multiple platforms.

Apparently, the answer was that however the app was designed, it would be insanely expensive to port to other platforms. That seems like much more of a design mistake than anything else. It seems likely that her project failed for a few key reasons, including that it was just about porting an app that came out years ago, rather than anything new. Also, the “rewards” were somewhat unimpressive. And, of course, Bjork fans who were iPhone users had little reason to contribute as well. There’s also the big one: unlike some other stars, Bjork really hasn’t embraced connecting and communicating with her fans. That’s her choice, of course. No one says she needs to. But, it’s much harder to raise a ton of crowdfunded money that way.

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