FPS Creator Reloaded Integrates with Oculus Rift

FPS Creator ReloadedTGC Continues with Self-Hosted Pretail Funding.

Coming from The Game Creators (TGC), a privately owned UK company, FPS Creator Reloaded (FPSC Reloaded) has announced their beta launch of Oculus Rift integration.  The game development tools studio sees integration as an important strategic move as part of their FPSC Reloaded product.  With a copy of FPSC Reloaded and an Oculus Rift headset users can create their own game worlds and explore them immediately in full immersive Virtual Reality.

Lee Bamber“Creating games within your own virtual reality is like nothing you’ll have experienced before. The sense of immersion you get from the Oculus Rift is unbelievable” commented Lee Bamber, CEO and lead developer.

FPS Creator ReloadedNow any game made in FPS Creator Reloaded can be saved out as a standalone executable and then, combined with the Oculus Rift headset, you can experience what you’ve made in glorious stereoscopic. The scene pops out at you in the Rift and brings you closer and more personal to the action.

Rick Vanner“Ever since the Oculus Rift was announced we knew it would be a great companion to FPS Creator Reloaded. Gamers will have loads of fun creating levels and exploring them with the Oculus Rift.” said Rick Vanner, Development Director at The Game Creators.

oculus-development-kitOculus Rift famously raised over $2.4 million on Kickstarter and remains one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns of all time.  The groundbreaking device has since gone on to receive broad recognition in the tech world along with several rounds of financing following their crowedfunging round.

FPS Creator Reloaded ExplanationVia TGG, FPSC Reloaded initially launched a Kickstarter campaign in 2012 and failed to raised their targeted funding goal.  The campaign attempted to surpass £60,000 but fell far short closing at just over £21,000.  The fundraising effort had a pleasant ending as the day the campaign closed,  Game Creators announced that a private investor, who wished to remain anonymous, had committed to back the full £60,000.

We have lift off!

Today we’re able to share some wonderful news with you. A private investor (who wishes to remain anonymous) has funded the project up to the 60K level.

This means that we’ll be developing FPS Creator Reloaded and all the features listed. We’re really excited about this and we’re looking forward to evolving the software as planned.

FPSC Reloaded has since shifted their funding to their own web site where interested game builders may pledge at three different levels; Gold, Silver, Bronze to receive specific perks.

Orc Adventure fps creator reloadedThe Game Creators has made several attempts to crowdfund their products.  The company launched a second Kickstarter campaign in February 2013.  Carnage, a multiplayer combat game, raised only £1,628 far short of their £40,000 goal.  While comments from the few backers were positive the experience was clearly disappointing for the team.   TGC’s third effort at crowdfunding finally paid off as their most recent project on Kickstarter, App Game Kit V2, quickly hurdled the £5000 and closing over £33,000.

TGC Logo (white bg).mediumThe Game Creators was established in 1999, their key brands include FPS Creator, Dark BASIC and App Game Kit. Other notable achievements include Intel Black Belt developer status and the design and development of the UK’s #1 selling learning to drive range of apps for Focus Multimedia.

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