Aiia’s Pay by Link, Powered by Open Banking, to Transform How Businesses, Consumers Make Payments

With Aiia’s new payment feature, Pay by link, it’s easier to provide “seamless” payments for businesses and consumers in whatever fashion the payer prefers – “whether that’s by email, pdf, SMS, letter or even in a social media chat.”

The feature is set “to empower multiple industries and new use cases ranging from accounting, insurance, and telecom companies to social commerce, payment service providers and utility companies.”

With Pay by link, businesses from any industry are able “to cut out unnecessary payment steps by creating a simple link that allows customers to pay instantly in any given context.”

Based on open banking payments, Pay by link is set to address payment barriers, “while providing the most cost-efficient payment method in any use case.”

It’s an easy and straightforward payment experience “for both businesses and payers. Businesses simply populate the payment with the necessary invoice information, and Aiia then makes sure that all vital information is visible on both the sender and the receiver account.”

This empowers you “to automate the reconciliation process, if necessary.”

Any business has the ability “to issue a payment link for an invoice through any customer-facing channel such as SMS, e-mail or even a physical letter.”

Thanks to the fast and convenient payment journey, there is “a higher likelihood for businesses to get paid on time in a much more cost-efficient way than other payment methods.”

CEO and Co-founder, Rune Mai, says:

“We’re in the process of transforming the entire way of paying bills. With a simple link, we make it effortlessly easy and secure to pay a bill on the go with a bank account without having to enter or remember payment details,” he says and continues: With Pay by link, we give businesses the opportunity to accept and receive payments anywhere and reduce friction in the entire payment flow. The new feature is bridging the opportunity gap between open banking payments and a wide range of businesses.”

The firm’s new feature “is already live with the leading Nordic accounting software provider, Visma Dinero.”

Now, Visma Dinero claims it “is simplifying invoice payments for more than 77,000 small and medium-sized entrepreneurs and combining it with account information that makes it possible to automatically reconcile invoices instantly.”

Martin Thorborg, Co-Founder and CEO of Visma Dinero, remarked:

“With Aiia’s Pay by Link feature in place, we’re able to remove a massive headache for businesses, by making it as straightforward as possible to both send out an invoice and get paid in any given context. With a simple payment link, we’re enabling our customers to get paid in time by using open banking payments in a flow that they trust with their bank. In combination with our additional access to account information from Aiia, we now make it incredibly smooth to both pay and reconcile for thousands of businesses.”

The firm’s feature is already being rolled out in the Nordics and “is expected to hit the full-European landscape during 2022.”

In the future, Aiia is “enabling broader customization options for its link payments granting its customers the opportunity to build and brand a fully embedded payment experience.”

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