THORChain Integrates with Trust Wallet to Accelerate Adoption of Crypto Self-Custody

THORChain, a non-custodial decentralized native asset protocol that enables wallets, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), and users to seamlessly transfer their digital assets across blockchains, has completed its integration with Trust Wallet, a self-custodial and multi-chain wallet provider.

This integration “unlocks decentralized multichain swaps for the more than ten million active Trust Wallet users, who will gain access to all native assets compatible with THORChain including BTC (not wrapped or bridged), ETH, BNB, and BUSD.”

This partnership means that Trust Wallet users “can trade native assets freely while retaining full ownership of their assets, a significant development as the crypto industry reappraises the value of self-custody following the collapse of a number of centralized service providers.”

Trading volumes “accelerated considerably on the network in November, with over $2.1 billion in RUNE traded on the exchange.”

Chad Barraford, Technical Lead at THORChain, commented:

“Users are now more motivated than ever to capitalize on the benefits of self-custody. The latest market developments emphasize the importance of transparency and self-custody, features that are inherent in decentralized finance (DeFi). As the industry returns to the core principles upon which it was founded: transparency, decentralization and privacy, we are proud to join forces with Trust Wallet to make self-custody as accessible as possible.”

Roll-out of the integration is “underway on Trust Wallet, limited to BTC, ETH, and BNB (BEP-2), and open to Android users on the latest version of Trust Wallet.” Users on iOS “will receive an update including THORChain powered swaps soon.”

THORChain support will be “offered to over ten million active Trust Wallet users, providing decentralized cross-chain swaps on native assets.” This integration vastly “enhances the DeFi user experience, while affording users unbridled sovereignty over their assets.”

Eowyn Chen, CEO of Trust Wallet, commented:

“In a multi-chain crypto world, more decentralized, secure, and easier cross chain integration is necessary for user adoption of web3 services. I am very excited about Trust Wallet’s integration with THORChain protocol to pave an easy way for users to swap across multiple major blockchains while maintaining security and full ownership over their assets. It’s a good first step, and we will continue to increase more chain coverages and improve user experiences.”

Gavin McDermott, CEO of Nine Realms, commented:

“Beyond the philosophical appeal of self-custody, people will use THORChain because it provides an excellent user experience and feature parity with centralized counterparts. The industry is finally demanding transparency and on-chain verification from trading venues—and THORChain provides unparalleled native asset infrastructure for exchanges, wallets, and protocols to meet the market. Through integrations with key players in the industry, like Trust Wallet, we unlock new trading and self-custodial opportunities for a diverse range of assets and users.”

As noted in the update, THORChain is “a non-custodial decentralized exchange (DEX) that enables users to seamlessly transfer their digital assets across blockchains.”

By enabling anyone in the world to “exchange native assets (BTC, ETH, BNB, BCH, LTC, ATOM, AVAX) across multiple chains via pairings with THORChain’s native token, $RUNE, THORChain provides unlimited freedom to the blockchain ecosystem.”

Maintained entirely by the community, THORChain unlocks “the true power of decentralized finance (DeFi), allowing users to quickly and easily manage assets across multiple platforms.”

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