PeerBerry Investors Fund €52.44M of Loans, Received €734,689 in Interest Last Month

In January, PeerBerry investors funded EUR 52.44 million of loans and received EUR 734 689 in interest.

1495 new investors joined the platform last month, the team at PeerBerry reveals.

The average annual ROI (without loyalty interest) on PeerBerry in January “was 11.11%.”

At the end of January, PeerBerry’s portfolio “amounted to EUR 104.27 million.”

Currently, PeerBerry joins “more than 65 000 investors.”

Last month, PeerBerry business partners “repaid over EUR 1.8 million in war-affected loans.”

PeerBerry business partners “have already repaid EUR 31 million, or 62% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.” PeerBerry will “process the nearest repayment of war-affected loans in mid-February 2023.”

Additional investment opportunities

As noted in the update:

“We see a growing need for our investors to invest and diversify, so we opened an additional opportunity for you to invest part of your funds on Crowdpear – a regulated crowdfunding platform represented by our team. On Crowdpear, you can invest in property-backed loans with an attractive return. We invite you to consider investing in a currently available project on the Crowdpear platform with 11.5% ROI.

You can visit the Crowdpear website “to find all the benefits you can get by investing on this platform.”

In another recent update, it was noted that PeerBerry business partners “are repaying EUR 1.8 million of war-affected loans.”

Under the Group guarantee mechanism in 11 months of the war, PeerBerry business partners have already “repaid EUR 31 million, or 62% of the total war-affected obligations towards PeerBerry investors.”

Remember that AutoMoney UA and Slon Credit UA long-term loans “are being repaid under the initial loan schedule.”

The last payments of these loans “are being repaid with the accrued interest.”

Also note that “a part of war-affected long-term loans (long, business, real estate, leasing) are repaid in full already.” Information about such loans you can “find in your account in the My investments section / Finished investments.”

You can “see the progress of repayments of war-affected loans (the total repaid amount, the amount of remaining war-affected obligations, and repayments by separate lenders or groups) on their ‘Statistics’ page on their website.”

The repayments of war-affected loans are “being performed monthly in the middle of the month.”

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