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Alternative Investment Platform PeerBerry Repaid €1.4M of War-Affected Loans in July 2022

This month PeerBerry repaid more than EUR 1.4 million of “war-affected” loans. As confirmed in a blog post, PeerBerry business partners are “repaying EUR 1,2 million of war-affected Ukrainian and Russian short-term loans.” An additional amount of “up to EUR 200 000 of war-affected real… Read More

PeerBerry Partner Lithome, a Real Estate Developer, Closes Project “Aurea Home” in Center of Vilnius

PeerBerry’s business partner – real estate developer Lithome – successfully “closed the real estate project ‘Aurea Home’ in the center of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.” The real estate loan of EUR 1 million, “plus an interest rate of EUR 91 647 (total amount of… Read More

Alternative Investment Platform PeerBerry Passes Another “Business Resilience” Exam

The team at PeerBerry notes that we have already seen and have already been there (when remembering all the panic during the first wave of Covid in March 2020). But on the other hand, “nothing compares with the current events,” the team at PeerBerry wrote… Read More

The SIB Group Project Contributed €68,803 to PeerBerry Investors

PeerBerry business partner – real estate developer SIB Group – has successfully finalized the apartment building project “Skvero namai” in the center of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. The real estate loan of €1 million (the total amount with interest rate €1,068 803) was repaid… Read More

Alternative Investment Marketplace PeerBerry Reports that it Grew Nearly Three Times in 2021

PeerBerry, an alternative investment marketplace, claims that its operations grew almost three times in 2021. According to an extensive update from PeerBerry, 2021 was “the year of outstanding growth” for their platform. They almost tripled the scope of their business operations within the previous year…. Read More

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