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What Will Define The Future of Crowdfunding? – An Interview with Danae Ringelmann

    What defines crowdfunding now – and in the future? Danae Ringelmann commenced a quest to redefine and redesign funding with an entrepreneurial journey that began in 2001. She has been a driving force behind the team that co-founded and launched the first of the… Read More

Why Zano Is A Learning Point, Not a Game-Changer for #Crowdfunding

A recent Juniper report suggested that the failure of the Zano campaign was a game-changer, signalling a move away from Kickstarter-style reward crowdfunding toward an equity (and mixed) model. Given the regulatory costs and other issues this is naive at best. Apart from the fact that… Read More

2016 From ‘Disruption’ to Redesign; As the Revolution Sparked by Crowdfunding Takes Hold

2015 Was the Year  of Change Crowdfunding became mainstream – in the sense that it was accepted as part of the ‘new normal’ and not a fad that’s going to fade away In the USA the SEC finally, perhaps reluctantly, followed the Fintech leaders in… Read More

Five Crucial Things You Get, Apart from the Money, From #Crowdfunding

We asked for short, snappy, helpful video for Crowdfunding Week 2015 and the shortest, snappiest and most helpful of these (so far anyway) is from management consultant and  Crowdfunding expert Tim Wright of twintangibles. Here’s my summary of what he has to say: Crowdfunding is great… Read More

Banks, Bordeaux, FinTech and The Future

Crowdfunding and the democratisation of finance where key themes as over 300 experts from banks, startups, technology and finance came together for France’s first conference on FinTech. Perhaps surprisingly, a major centre for MedTech and computer science,  Bordeaux had gone out of it’s way to… Read More

#FinTech and #Crowdfunding: Friend or Foe?

Crowdfunding and ‘Alt-Finance’ are of course one of the cornerstones of FinTech as key parts of the ‘Finance’ leg. Although FinTech is broader-based encompassing cryptocurrencies such as BitCoin and related technologies (especially Blockchain) as well as new and faster ways of transacting and transferring ‘legacy’… Read More

In Search of The World Capital of #Fintech

The First #Fintech World Tour Over the last couple of months my team and I have been in ‘stealth mode’, as they say, quietly touring the world of #Fintech, joining the dots. In two weeks time I will fly from one of the two world… Read More

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