Lee Schneider

Let’s Debunk Some Recent Myth-Making About Blockchain

Blockchain seems to be an endless source of misunderstanding and myth-making, to the extent that sometimes it is treated as a form of magic. This needs to stop.    Blockchain is awfully cool, it solves an important issue for the internet age, and it is… Read More

Oranges Are Not Securities And Neither Is SOL

SOL, the native token of the Solana public blockchain, is the latest victim of a scurrilous attack by plaintiffs’ lawyers claiming that yet another blockchain token is an investment contract under the test famously set forth in S.E.C. v. W.J. Howey.  The claims perpetuate the… Read More

Simple Answers to Four Questions From Blockchain Skeptics

When you work in the blockchain and cryptoasset space for a while, you hear four particular questions asked over and over by people new to the space and particularly by skeptical people.  These are good and important questions and they deserve simple, straightforward answers, so… Read More

A Conundrum of NFTs: Five Things About NFTs That May Surprise You

A murder of crows.  A pride of lions. A school of fish.  A conundrum of NFTs.  At least that’s how it feels when faced with the ever-growing craze for non-fungible tokens.  Here are five things about NFTs that may surprise you. They’re just another type… Read More

Cryptoassets: Hey Teachers, Don’t Leave Us Kids Alone

CryptoUK issued a clarion call to the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), the UK financial and anti-money laundering (AML) regulator, demanding that FCA grant licenses as prescribed by AML rules.  Too many applications have gone unanswered since those rules came into effect over one year ago. … Read More

The Under-Appreciated Significance of Coinbase Going Public

Once the Coinbase registration statement becomes effective and Coinbase shares trade publicly, a sea change will have occurred in the US without most people recognizing it.  Part of that unacknowledged difference will be the broader awareness of blockchain and cryptoasset trading it brings. It is… Read More

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